Dr Oz: ESight Glasses Allow Legally Blind Father To See Kids


Dr Oz: Suddenly Legally Blind

Dr Oz said to imagine having your eyesight fail within a matter of days, because that’s what happened to Warren Rena. He missed seeing his own wedding and the birth of his two children. Dr Oz shared that now, new technology may be able to give Warren his sight back.

Dr Oz: ESight Glasses Allow Legally Blind Father To See Kids

Dr Oz talked to a father who has been legally blind for 10 years and surprised him with glasses that would let him see his kids for the first time. (Goldenarts / Shutterstock.com)


Warren grew up a normal child, hunting, riding horses, and playing baseball. In his 20s he had a great girlfriend and a great job working in the oil fields of Texas. He had perfect 20/20 vision but then suddenly one day everything changed. Warren was 23 years old and driving with his wife’s cousin to a job interview. He somehow completely didn’t see an oncoming truck that he narrowly missed. He realized then that the vision in his right eye was blurry.

Dr Oz: Legally Blind Man Has Never Seen His Kids

He thought maybe he just needed eyeglasses so he went and saw his eye doctor, who tried every lens, but Warren still couldn’t read the chart. He followed it up with a CAT scan, MRI, and even a spinal tap. After a week in the hospital, a specialist came in and told him he had a rare genetic eye disorder called Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, and that he was going to go legally blind quickly. The condition moved over to his left eye, and within days he became legally blind.

Warren and his wife Samantha joined the show and Dr Oz pointed out that Warren has been legally blind for about 10 years now. Warren said it’s been heartbreaking because he’s loved being there for his kids but he wishes he could see their faces.


Warren said there’s no way to prepare for something like being told that you would become legally blind. But luckily he has a very good memory, so he can remember where things are. He said he’ll never have 20/20 vision again but there’s new glasses that allow him to see more details.

Dr Oz: Glasses Allow Legally Blind To See

Dr Oz explained that Warren’s optic nerve in the back of his eye is damaged, causing him to have central vision loss. The glasses are electronic tools that make videos, allowing you to fill in the spot that you’re missing without it. The technology helps people who are legally blind by helping the brain cope with what would have otherwise caused blindness.

The problem is that the technology is expensive because the glasses cost about $15,000. Warren and Samantha are doing fundraisers because Warren loves to barbecue. Warren said his ribs are awesome. Samantha said it would mean the world to them to get the glasses because he’s physically there for his daughters, but he can’t see what’s going on, and their daughter is starting sports. They’ve raised about $3,000 so far.

Dr Oz: Surprise For Legally Blind Father

Dr Oz welcomed a woman named Yvonne Felix, a fundraising spokeperson for ESight, who wears the glasses herself because she’s legally blind. She said she has a 2-month-old son and a 6-year-old, and she got to see them for the first time, which was unbelievable. Dr Oz said he can’t imagine living without being able to see the faces of his kids.

He then surprised Warren by sharing that ESight was giving him a pair of the glasses. Warren tried them on and after adjusting them a bit, said he could see Dr Oz and his wife. Dr Oz then brought out his kids so that he could see them as well. Warren said it’s a bit overwhelming and Samantha said it’s a dream come true.



  1. dolores e. alexander says

    Those Esight Glasses are great. I am legally blind from Glaucoma an would like to know if I am eligible to WHIC. weamade avr these Esight glasses because I would like to have a pair. More information should be made available so more individuals can take advantage of this new technology of the ESIGHT GLASSES which allow legally blind people to see.

  2. Ricky Wayne Daniel says

    I am a veteran with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and have been legally blind for seven years. I am very interested in the glasses that Dr. Oz recently discussed on his show. I have Tricare and Medicare insurance.Is there a possibility that my insurance might cover these glasses?

  3. Jim Everson says

    My mother is blind and has never seen her grand kids or me as a man.she lives alone and we live 35 miles apart this would be great

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