Dr Oz: Enlarged Spleen Self-Check + What Does The Spleen Do? Video


Dr Oz: What Does The Spleen Do?

Students from Harvard Medical School put together a music video parody of the viral Ylves song “The Fox,” pondering the enduring medical question of the spleen’s function. To help clear up some of this confusion, Dr Oz pulled an Assistant of the Day from his audience to demonstrate an Enlarged Spleen Self-Check.

Dr Oz: Do You Have an Enlarged Spleen?

Dr Oz: Enlarged Spleen Self-Check + What Does The Spleen Do? Video

Harvard Medical Students asked the age-old question: what does the spleen do? Dr Oz showed us how to do an Enlarged Spleen Self-Check and stay healthy.


Michelle and Dr Oz worked together, and their first stop on this train of knowledge was to examine an actual Spleen, which Dr Oz said is the body’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. About 95 gallons of blood per day can travel through this fist-sized organ.

If your Spleen becomes infected, it could become enlarged, discolored, and damaged. Dr Oz said that the Spleen is often damaged in a car accident. When your Spleen is enlarged, that means you have some type of infection.

Bacteria and viruses that go through the body can cause problems for the body if the Spleen cannot fend them off. How would you be able to check yourself for an enlarged Spleen? Dr Oz said it could be easy to diagnose.


Dr Oz: Enlarged Spleen Self-Check

You should be able to find your spleen in the upper abdomen on the left side of your body. Put your fingers under the ribcage on your left side. Breathe deeply in and out. If you can feel something bumping your fingers, that is a sign that you have an Enlarged Spleen, due to an infection.

Dr Oz: Shitake Mushrooms Spleen Health

What can you do about this? Dr Oz recommended Shitake Mushrooms if you are sick or just want to protect your spleen. Eat about six per day if you like them. Dr Oz said they are rich in Beta Glucan, which boosts the body’s immunities.



  1. Cherri seifert says

    I think its my spleen that is bothering me. I am not sure. On my left side just below my left breast. Yesterday I was in the sun a little too long. Can that trigger a spleen attack? I became nauseated and the area below my breast became inflamed the next day. Sharp pains keep striking. Not sure what is causing it. My spleen was my first thought. What do you think.

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