Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky Doesn’t Feel Responsible for McCready Suicide


Dr Oz: Who Is Responsible For Death Of Mindy McCready?

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Drew Pinksy of Celebrity Rehab about the recent controversy surrounding the television show after Mindy McCready, one of the patients on the show, committed suicide. Although she was on the show nearly four years ago, some are still pointing fingers at the reality show.

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky, “Mindy McCready Died Of Stigma”

Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab told Dr. Oz the death of McCready is absolutely devastating. Although it had been four years since she was on the show, Dr. Drew said he kept in touch with McCready. He said he talked with her often and convinced her to check herself into a psychiatric hospital after he learned she was struggling with her mental health. After being released from the hospital, McCready committed suicide. Dr. Drew believes this is due to the stigma attached to addiction, something he said he hoped to eliminate by doing the show Celebrity Rehab.


Dr Oz: Celebrities Paid To Appear On Celebrity Rehab 

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky Doesn't Feel Responsible for McCready Suicide

Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew Pinsky went over how Celebrity Rehab works and Dr. Drew revealed why he doesn’t feel responsible for the death of Mindy McCready. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Drew explained that guests on Celebrity Rehab are paid for their time there, which makes them want to participate in the show, but what happens afterwards was something producers did not expect. Dr. Drew said many of the celebrities came on the show hoping to exploit the show, but they ended up becoming more invested in their recovery than they thought they would. They turned their time on the show into a positive experience because they wanted people at home to get motivated to become better as well.

Dr. Pinsky added that all celebrities who are treated through the program are offered after care services to help them continue with their recovery.


Dr Oz: Dr Drew Equates Treating Addiction To Performing Heart Surgery

Dr. Oz wondered if everyone receives the same level of treatment at Dr. Pinsky’s facility, whether they are a celebrity or not, and Dr. Drew said it does not matter. He told Dr. Oz everyone is given the same quality of treatment to help them beat their addiction. He continued by telling Dr. Oz he believes addiction is as serious as some cancers and equated what you see on Celebrity Rehab to watching Dr. Oz perform surgery. Dr. Drew said he tries to give the patients the best acute care he can before referring them to professionals who can help them with their long-term needs.

Dr Oz: Addiction Linked To Half Of All Preventable Deaths

Dr. Oz told viewers half of all preventable deaths are related to addiction. Dr. Drew said that is the main reason he became involved with treating addiction, saying he believes it to be one of the biggest health threats of out time. Dr. Drew also pointed out the grim fact that many more people will die from addiction, including more patients from Celebrity Rehab, because of addiction.

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Doesn’t Feel Responsible For Death of Mindy McCready

Dr. Drew told Dr. Oz it is hard to hear the harsh criticism the show is getting. He said the celebrities he treated, like McCready, died due to their addiction and he does not feel responsible for their deaths. Dr. Drew said no patient died when in his care and in the case of McCready, her death occurred four years after she had been on the show.

Dr. Drew expressed his wishes that he had more time with the patients, but he said he only has 18 days with them before they move on with their lives and head off to more treatment and recovery programs. He reiterated the fact that he provides acute stabilization of patients, but much of their treatment has to be self-motivated.


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