Dr Oz: Doctor Dancing For Charity + New Uses For Newspaper


Dr Oz: Dancing Doctor Adnan Khera

Dr Oz shared a viral video of a doctor who was busting a few dance moves while still wearing his scrubs and lab coat. If you saw him, what would you think? Dr Oz introduced the anesthesiologist Dr Adnan Khera, and explained that he dances for a project Dr Adnan calls “Doctor Be Dancing.” He dances on the street to raise money for charity to show how we can use our own talents to improve our communities. He dances all over Boston and purposefully wore scrubs and a white coat to prove that “doctors are people as well.”


Dr Khera has even done stand-up in his off hours so he’s no stranger to a little attention. He loves putting smiles on people’s faces and he’s become a viral sensation, inspiring people all across the country. He’s even helped Community Servings, which delivers meals to those with life-threatening illnesses.

Dr Oz: Doctor Dancing For Charity + New Uses For Newspaper

Dr Oz introduced a doctor who spends his free times dancing in the streets of Boston to raise money for charity. ([email protected] / Flickr)



But it’s not all about the money. He hopes to inspire others to use their own talents and give back, in order to be happier in their own lives.

Dr Oz: Dancing For Charity

Dr Khera danced his way onto the Dr Oz set, starting all the way at the top with the audience. Once he caught his breath, Dr Khera shared his most memorable moment, which was from when he just started and two young girls joined him. They danced for about 3-4 songs and then tossed $20 each into his bag. He found out that those girls chose to give him the only $20 that their grandfather gave them for that day.

So far he has raised more than $10,000 for various charities including the Wounded Warrior Project, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Animal Rescue League of Boston, and Rosie’s Place. Dr Oz challenged his viewers to embrace their own individuality and then pass it along.

If you could share your talent with those around you, what talent would you share?

Dr Oz: New Uses For Newspaper

Dr Oz then was excited to share new uses for newspaper. He spoke with a mom who actually took after her own mom, who used to use newspaper for various cleaning projects. She actually lines her vegetable drawers with newspaper to keep the food fresher longer and to keep her fridge smelling fresh.

You can also use newspaper to deodorize and absorb. She sticks newspaper in her shoes and her kids shoes, especially cleats. Newspaper stuffed in shoes overnight practically eliminates the odor. You can also take newspaper and use it as a papertowel. Mix half vinegar and half water and then spray it on a window before wiping with newspaper. It cleans juts like a commercial cleaner!

Before the end of his show, Dr Oz brought back comedian Jenni Pulos who had a special surprise for Dr Oz. Jenni began rapping for Dr Oz and then went into a rap about poop. She brought back out Dr Adnan who was happy to bust some moves to Jenni’s rap. “Poop, poop, poop, poop, in the potty,” was the main line in her rap, to give you an idea of the lyrics. Jenni actually wrote a potty training song for kids, so it makes a little more sense that she would sing about it for Dr Oz.


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