Dr Oz: Dead For 45 Minutes After Childbirth + Amniotic Embolism


Dr Oz: Dead For 45 Minutes After Giving Birth

Dr Oz kicked off his show by talking about a woman who made headlines last month after surviving after 45 minutes without a pulse. She’s hear to share the story that doctors can only explain as a miracle.

Her doctor shared that they had just gone through a routine C-section and both mother and baby were fine. They went into the recovery room and as she was being hooked up to the monitors, the mother suddenly went unconscious. The Doctors called in for more help and within seconds, highly trained doctors were working on her. They knew right away that either she had a massive pulmonary embolism, or a massive amniotic fluid embolism, usually diagnosed in autopsy after death.


Dr Oz: Dead For 45 Minutes After Childbirth + Amniotic Embolism

Dr Oz talked to a new mom who was dead for 45 minutes after suffering an amniotic fluid embolism.
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Her name was Ruby and the doctors had to watch her life possibly end. They did everything they could, but her heart had stopped, so the family came in to say goodbye. They stayed for 10-15 minutes and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. When the family left the room, resuscitation was stopped. Ruby was pulseless for 45 minutes, and the doctors were seconds away from removing all supportive care when all of the sudden Ruby’s heartbeat and blood pressure came back without any assistance.

Dr Oz: New Mom Survives Death

Ruby has no brain damage, heart damage, bruising, or broken ribs. The next day she was talking and holding her baby, and the doctors called it a “miracle of God.”


Dr Oz was joined on the show by Ruby who shared that she remembers being in O.R. getting prepped for the C-section and she felt stuffy, as if she had allergies. She remembers feeling tired, and barely remembers seeing her baby, before her memory goes blank. She shared that she started to see what looked like a tunnel or a passageway and as she was floating through it, she saw a spiritual being that she understood to be her dad. She said during that time she felt at peace and called it an “amazing feeling,” saying fear was not a part of it.

Dr Oz: What Is An Amniotic Fluid Embolism?

Dr Oz wanted to explain why, from a doctor’s perspective, what happened to Ruby was such a miracle. He explained that the baby is surrounded by a sac called an amniotic fluid sac. During contractions, amniotic fluid can sneak through the walls and into the veins, traveling through your blood stream and up into your heart. The fluid can also travel to your lungs, giving you that congested feeling. The heart beats faster and the lungs are going as hard as they can. Dr Oz said the incredible strain on your hearts and lungs is a catastrophe because fluid can’t get where it needs to be. About 85% of women who manage to survive the catastrophe suffer from severe neurological damage.

What’s perhaps most amazing of all is that Ruby is perfectly normal and healthy now. Ruby’s doctor, Dr Jordan Knurr, said that Ruby is here for two reasons, one of which is that the team of doctors realized immediately what was happening and they sprung into action right away. Second is something that physicians can’t explain and that can only be described as a miracle, even though he doesn’t consider himself a religious person.

Dr Knurr said it’s not easy to talk about because he believes that you have to keep hope and not be afraid to talk about things with your friends, family, and physicians. He said you shouldn’t take anything for granted and should enjoy life. Ruby was then joined by her beautiful daughter and husband.


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