Dr Oz: Creed Vocalist Scott Stapp Bipolar Illness & Drug Abuse


Dr Oz: Creed’s Scott Stapp

Dr Oz played the song “Higher” from the band Creed at the beginning of his show, and then explained that the song was sung by Scott Stapp. According to Dr Oz, very few people knew about the troubles Scott faced due to drug abuse and mental illness. Scott was on the show to talk about how painful journey, diagnosis, and how he turned his life around.


Scott Stapp was a superstar in the late 90’s and sold more than 40 million albums as well as took home a Grammy in 2001. But for years, he struggled with mood swings and battled depression and addiction. At times, Scott even considered suicide. August of 2014, Scott began abusing his Adderall prescription and fell into drug abuse, paranoia, and psychosis. He posted videos online asking for help, admitting his bank accounts have been frozen and even took a road trip with a bunch of guns, posting videos along the way. His life continued to spin out of control.

Dr Oz: Creed Vocalist Scott Stapp Bipolar Illness & Drug Abuse

Dr Oz sat down with Scott Stapp from the band Creed to talk about his struggle with mental illness and his official diagnosis. (lunchboxstudios / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Scott Stapp Struggles

Dr Oz was joined by Scott Stapp, who said he was “completely out of his mind” and was abusing prescriptions that he had for actual conditions he suffered from. He was delusional and suffered from hallucinations and said conspiracy theories were “swirling all around his brain.” At one point Scott even called the White House because he thought President Obama had been kidnapped by his secret service detail and he was planning on going to D.C. to save him.

Dr Oz: Scott Stapp Depression

Scott said in 1998, at the height of his success, he had everything he had everything he ever dreamed of, but woke up one day and could hardly get out of bed. He began self medicating to try to change the way he felt. At one point it got so bad that he attempted suicide, a day that Scott said he will never forget. He had just gotten off tour and all the medications he previously had, were gone. Suddenly he went into withdrawals and he thought suicide was a solution. He said if it wasn’t for a picture of his son that he looked at right before he did it, he would have ended it all.

There was another time where Scott had been awake for 3-4 days using amphetamines and cocaine, and was in a psychotic state. He checked himself into the penthouse at a South Beach hotel and he thought that the police were beating on his door, when they weren’t. In an attempt to escape, he thought he would go from his balcony, down to the balcony below, but he slipped and fell 40 feet. “I should’ve died that day,” Scott said.

It took him a year before he was able to walk again.

Dr Oz: Jaclyn & Scott Stapp

Jaclyn and Scott met in 2005 and then got married a year later and had three kids. But Scott continued drinking and using drugs. At one point Jaclyn called 911, desperate to get her husband help. Eventually, with what seemed like no other choice, Jaclyn filed for divorce.

Jaclyn joined Dr Oz and Scott, saying that it was devastating to see someone she loved, become another person. She was scared for Scott, for herself, and for her kids.

Dr Oz: Scott Stapp 911 Call

Dr Oz then played the 911 call that miraculously became the first step to Scott getting the help he needed. Dr Oz played part of the recording from that phone call, in which Scott says blatantly “I need some help.” The rest of the recording didn’t seem to make sense, as Scott talked about running for weeks and someone who was trying to kill his family. He even asked to go to the hospital, saying he was having chest pains and saying that someone was trying to kill him.

Scott explained that in that moment, he was afraid for his life. He was scared he wouldn’t see his wife or children again, so it compelled him to ask for help. “Love saved my life,” he said.

Scott went to treatment and was diagnosed bipolar. Scott said he’s so thankful that he has an answer after 18 years of suffering and fighting something that he had no idea could be treated.

Dr Oz: What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Dr Oz then introduced Dr Shahla Modir, who diagnosed Scott. She explained that bipolar illness is often called manic depression, and it’s characterized by excessive emotional highs, mood swings, and depressive episodes that are significant enough to impair everyday life. She was able to see a history of mood swings in Scott’s life. Scott said mania for him was full of anxiety, paranoia, and delusions. Jaclyn said for a couple years, they knew it was more than just drugs and alcohol, but it wasn’t until the doctors really looked at him, that they finally found relief.

Dr Oz: Scott Stapp’s Future With Bipolar Illness

Dr Modir explained that Scott will go through complex, multi-modal treatment which means therapy, medication, and lifestyle management are all important. The Stapp family then let Dr Oz inside his home to see how they’re living now. He takes medicine every day but also uses meditation and attends 12-step meetings. Routine is incredibly important because it helps Scott know what to expect. Scott and Jaclyn also do charity work through Charm, to help others going through situations like their own. They also work out together which makes a big difference for them both. Scott said he’s incredibly thankful to God and his family for being there when he needed them the most.

How do you feel about Scott Stapp after hearing his story of what truly happened to him?


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