Dr Oz: Couple & Mother-In-Law Battling Over Feeding Children


Dr Oz: Family Battling Over Healthy Eating

Dr Oz introduced Lovette and Michael, a couple who has been happily married for five years and have two beautiful children, Grayson and Alana. Michael has said that his mother-in-law has become more of a monster-in-law and there’s been a battle raging over control that could tear the family apart. Lovette shared that the relationship between her husband and her mother is extremely complicated.

The biggest problem they run into is over food, because they try to give their children healthy, nutritious food. Every time “Glam-ma” shows up, she brings a suitcase full of unhealthy, sugary snacks. Grayson has type-1 diabetes, so instilling healthy habits is incredibly important for him. Grandma says he’s getting his insulin so he should be able to eat whatever he wants in moderation.


Dr Oz: Couple & Mother-In-Law Battling Over Feeding Children

Dr Oz talked to a man who has been battling with his mother-in-law over what to feed his son, and his wife, who’s caught in between. (stevendepolo / flickr)

When Grandma comes to visit, they have a written list of all the foods they’re not allowed to have. Michael doesn’t approve of someone coming in and changing all the healthy habits they’re trying to instill in their kids. Lovette wants to make her mom and her husband happy, which is why she’s at a loss for the whole situation.

Dr Oz: Mother-In-Law Feeding Grandkids Junk Food

Dr Oz welcomed the three of them to his show, and Grandma said everything is healthy, organic, and contains no sugar. She called it “ridiculous.” Michael said it makes him upset because he’s passionate about health and his son has diabetes. He doesn’t like the fact that Grandma tries to change the rules, but Grandma claimed that she wasn’t changing the rules, because when the kids are in her house, it’s her rules.


Grandma and Michael went back and forth, with Grandma saying over and over again “this is ridiculous.”

Dr Oz: Family Battling Over Control

Michael said his mother-in-law is obsessed with being in control and she just wants to go against what he’s doing. Lovette said she felt like she was always stuck in the middle because she doesn’t want to betray either one of them, and it’s always in front of the kids. Dr Oz pointed out that because Grayson is a diabetic, there are implications of giving him sugary foods. Grandma said she understands that and she only gives him a little bit of the snacks. Plus, she only gets to see the kids a couple times a year.

Grandma shared that around Christmastime, Michael told her that if she can’t follow the rules, she would be banned. Michael said he stood behind that.

Dr Oz: Battling Over What To Feed Kids

Lovette shared that the kids don’t know who to listen to and what to do because they’re confused. Grandma shared that when she comes to visit, she’ll take the kids to a fast-food restaurant and get the kids French fries, a burger, and some chicken nuggets, with a soda. She said it’s all in moderation.

Michael likes to feed his kids baked chicken, brown rice, and organic steamed broccoli, as well as almond milk and water. Michael said if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything. Grandma said she’ll eat healthy, and she eats both. Lovette said she wants her kids to understand that the healthy food is okay.

Dr Oz said it’s important to know that diabetes is something Grayson will battle for the rest of his life. Grandma said she understands that, but said the kids should be allowed unhealthy, fast food on occasion. Dr Oz said he thinks it’s all about emotions, not the food. Dr Oz shared that he was going to put the three of them in couples therapy.

Who do you think is in the right here? Is it okay for Grandma to go against the parents’ wishes? Should Michael relax a bit and let his kids enjoy unhealthy food in moderation?


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