Dr Oz: Comedian Wanda Sykes Hot Flashes & Breast Cancer


Dr Oz: Wanda Sykes Hot Flashes

Dr Oz welcomed the hilarious and beautiful Wanda Sykes to his show to talk about everything from her kids to her hot flashes. Dr Oz chose to start with the hot flashes, and Wanda said she turned 50 and they’re pretty bad. She said if she ever murdered somebody, all she would need on the jury is a bunch of women also going through hot flashes and they would understand. She said you feel it coming on and all of a sudden you sit there, and you’re a mess.

Dr Oz: Comedian Wanda Sykes Hot Flashes & Breast Cancer

Dr Oz welcomed the hilarious Wanda Sykes to his show to talk about everything from hot flashes to breast cancer. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz said there are certain things that can trigger the hot flashes, including wine, which Wanda loves. She said wine keeps her sane, so she guesses she’ll just be a “hot, sweaty mess then.” She said she would be better sweaty and a little tipsy.

Dr Oz: Wanda Sykes On Motherhood

Dr Oz then wanted to talk about Wanda’s 5-year-old twins Lucas and Olivia, and the best part about motherhood. Wanda said the most rewarding thing she’s ever done is have kids. The worst part is that your kids are in your face every minute. She said she used to read the paper and watch the news, but now it’s all about the kids.

Dr Oz: Wanda Sykes Breast Cancer

Dr Oz then pointed out how in 2011 Wanda was diagnosed with breast cancer and she made the decision to remove both of her breasts. She said for her it wasn’t a difficult decision because she has a strong history of breast cancer on her mother’s side. She said she was fortunate how she found out because she went in for a breast reduction and it was through the pathology that they found early stage breast cancer. She decided to undergo the double mastectomy and hasn’t regretted it since.


She said now she can swim because “it’s like having built-in floaties!”

Dr Oz shared questions from his viewers, starting with one from Sheree, who asked: when Wanda had her breasts removed, how she decided how big to make her new breasts during her reconstruction? Wanda said when she found out she had cancer, she decided to go back to having bigger breasts “to poke cancer in the eye.”

Dr Oz: How To Stop Snoring

Wanda then asked Dr Oz about her snoring problem. She said she doesn’t actually have a problem with snoring, it’s her wife who has a problem with her snoring. She said her wife wakes her up to tell her she’s snoring.

Dr Oz said he was going to do a physical exam on Wanda, asking her to climb into bed and show how she normally sleeps. She showed that she lies on her back, which Dr Oz said was the first problem, because it causes her throat to collapse back. He said she needs to open her airways by lying on her side. Dr Oz took a pair of pantyhose and put a tennis ball in the bottom of one of them.

“Is this some 50 Shades of Dr Oz?” Wanda joked. Dr Oz then tied the stocking around her, placing the tennis ball on her back, saying that it will encourage her to roll back on her side every time she tries to lay on her back. She of course tried it out and cuddled up with Dr Oz while she had the chance.


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