Dr Oz: Coffee Survey – Coffee Drinking Habits Related to Personality


Dr Oz: Coffee Drinking Habits Correlated To Personality

Did you ever think the way you drink coffee could actually give some insight into your personality? Dr. Oz put up a poll on his website and received over 1,000 responses from coffee drinkers about their drinking habits. The results revealed a lot of information and Dr. Oz brought Ramani Durvasula, a psychologist, on the show to help him go over the results. She said there has been some research done in the area of coffee drinking but Dr. Oz’s poll really pulled together a lot of the information.

Dr Oz: Black Coffee Drinkers Are “Straight Shooters”

Ramani Durvasula explained the results of the coffee drinker survey reveals a lot about a person when you look at how they order their coffee. For people who order black coffee, Ramani said these people tend to be straight shooters who are also very patient. They are also usually efficient, simplistic and ready to get the job done. She said the poll also found that people who add a tiny amount of sugar to their coffee tend to be less abrupt, a bit softer and more of a sweeter person in general.


Dr Oz: Coffee Survey - Coffee Drinking Habits Related to Personality

Dr. Oz looked at a coffee drinker poll he put on his website that showed a correlation between what coffee people drink and their personalities.

Dr Oz: Coffee Drinkers With Sugar and Cream Are People Pleasers

Ramani said the poll found people who order a latte or who add cream and sugar to their coffee often tend to be people pleasers. They are usually great friends who are always there for their closest friends even though it can lead to the person overextending themselves trying to make everyone happy. She said adding sugar and cream to your coffee could be the one time during the day these types of coffee drinkers focus on their own needs.

Dr Oz: Frozen Coffee Drinkers Tend To Be Reckless

Ramani Durvasula said the most interesting thing she and Dr. Oz found when looking at the survey was that people who preferred blended or frozen coffee drinks tend to be more imaginative and open to new experiences. She said these types of people also tend to be a bit reckless, especially when you consider the average frozen coffee has between 400 to 600 calories.


Dr Oz: Decaf Coffee Drinkers Like Being In Control

Dr. Oz said there is also a health nut category for coffee drinkers. These are the people who prefer decaf or soy milk coffee. He explained the most fascinating thing about this group of coffee drinkers is that they like to be in control over every situation. They also tend to be very organized planners and focused on the task at hand. Ramani said these might be the least likable of all the coffee drinkers because they can be difficult to be around since everything has to be their way or the highway.

Dr Oz: Non Coffee Drinkers the Most Imaginative

Dr. Oz was curious about one more group of coffee drinkers, or in this case non-coffee drinkers like himself. Ramani Durvasula said coffee shops are a place for people to socialize so if a person does not drink coffee, it usually means they think differently than most other people and they could be the most imaginative in all of our society.


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