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Doctor Oz: Char Margolis

We’ve all gotten goosebumps and some of us get chills from scary stories or unexplained phenomena. But have you ever witnessed something you can’t explain? That’s what seemed to happen to Dr. Oz today on his show about Life After Death.

Char Margolis is a renowned psychic, and she believes that the weird sensations we get are often communications from people who have crossed over from life into death, and are trying to communicate with the living world.


I have to respect Dr. Oz for admitting that medical professionals don’t have all the answers about death, and what happens when we die. That’s why he invited Char to share her perspective.

Read about Char Margolis’s Appearance on The Doctors.

Dr Oz: Char Margolis

Do you believe in psychics? What happens after we die?


Dr Oz: What Happens When We Die

“I see dead people” is an often quoted line from the movie The Sixth Sense. Char Margolis is a psychic, and she said she does actually see dead people sometimes.

One of her earliest encounters was seeing a spirit at the foot of her bed when she was child. She tuned in to the unexplained feelings and sounds she experienced through the years and got in touch with her intuition, which she said everyone has in some form. More people should be open to it, she believes.

Char said she is blessed to have a deep connection with the spirit world, and considers her work of connecting the living and the dead to be an honor. It’s hard to know what to make of this, honestly.

Doctor Oz: Char Margolis & The Afterlife

Char said we our energy, or Ethereal Body, leaves our physical body after it dies, transcending to a different level. She explained that her experiences can’t be scientifically documented, which is convenient if you are a skeptic, but at least she’s admitting she can’t prove this to anyone via conventional means.

I guess it depends on whether you believe in something beyond what is observable by our five senses. Dr. Oz asked Char about what happens to our souls after death. If you’re going to be questioning things, shouldn’t you take another step back and ask how you know there is a soul?

Char said that the soul’s fate is dependent on the individual, and the soul is represented by a bright light containing someone they love. Dr. Oz said some of his family members claim to have seen ghosts, and Char said this is commonly reported.

There’s a disconnect here between the metaphysical connection and the media consumption. How do we get from spirits with unfinished business or messages for loved ones to reality shows like Ghost Hunters? It’s hard to know where to draw the line of skepticism, but shouldn’t it start somewhere before you’re cashing in on this? I guess pointing that out would put both Char and Dr. Oz in an uncomfortable position.

Doctor Oz: Normal Vs Psychic Brain

Dr. Oz took a look at the brain’s function. He said the Cerebellum controls your balance, while the Prefrontal Cortex contains the actions and processes that distinguish us as humans.

In an imaging analysis of the brain, the average frontal lobe is red. But in a psychic’s brain, the reading is much less red, suggesting a different level of consciousness than the average person. That could mean a lot of things, though, couldn’t it?

I can’t rule out psychic powers, or say that my mind is made up one way or another. I just have a lot of questions, and this seems like a gray area for Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz: Char’s Psychic Readings

Char performed a reading on Dr. Oz himself, asking him about someone with the initial M, and someone named Sunny. Dr. Oz didn’t know anyone named Sunny, but his grandfather’s name was Mehmet.

OK, she had, at worst, a 1 in 26 shot of pulling out a single meaningful letter for him to latch onto. Those are decent odds, especially if you can look up someone like Dr. Oz and find out about their family history.

Char said the spirit of M was telling her that Dr. Oz needs to take better care of his teeth. He admitted that he grinds his teeth and doesn’t wear a mouthguard. Again, this is probably information that’s readily available if you watch the show or do some Googling before your psychic reading.

Dr Oz: Char’s Audience Readings

Char did some readings for audience members, starting with a woman named Maria. Much like Dr. Oz, Maria had a grandparent with the initial M.

Psychics probably use street smarts to give themselves a head start. Many people are named after a relative, so maybe your odds of accurately choosing a letter improve if you pick the same letter of their first name.

Char stumbled for a bit in guessing the name of Maria’s husband, whose name turned out to start with a J. Char said Maria’s husband was telling her that she dreamed about him and wore his shirt to bed. That’s a weird thing to be right about. Char said she saw keys, and Maria said her husband carries keys in his job as an engineer. Most people carry keys, Char.

Char told Maria that her husband said he visits them, and he is there for them. Char also accurately read that Maria had a miscarriage, and said that this child is with her husband in the next life.

Psychic Char Audience Readings

Char focused on another woman, picking up on the name of her brother Willie. Char also honed in on the woman’s deceased father, Manny, seeing that he never saw his daughter perform in her singing group. Char told the woman that her dead father wants her to get back into singing.

Apparently the woman’s brother Willie is alive, and their father’s spirit told Char to pass along the message that this woman can’t help her brother solve his drug problem.

This is interesting, but I can’t help but think these people are being manipulated. What do you believe about psychics and the afterlife?



  1. Deb says

    I had a reading with her. She was so far off base that I have really lost any curiosity related to that field. The reading was part of a membership I had with John Edward’s site “Infinite Quest”. I see now the site has closed and he is running his own site, with a membership of 50 dollars. It all a money grabbing manipulating scheme to get rich on their part. It’s too bad too because if it were real it could help a lot of people with closure, I think in the moment people want to hear from their lost love ones they get sucked into the moment and it is not until later when the fascination goes away and they have time to think about it all that they realize all that. Trouble is that they are left with a guilt complex for having mortgaged the family home for the experience.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your story. People who have positive experiences seem to come out of the woodwork. I’m sorry that your reading was disappointing, but I’m glad you shared it because I don’t think enough people speak out about it.

      Do you think there is any legitimacy to psychic readings?

  2. Liesa Rocco says

    I had my first reading with Char yesterday, and I’m still reeling from the experience. I was very skeptical and cynical going into the reading, and had done quite a bit of research on “cold reads” etc… In short, I was cautiously optimistic, at best! However, within a minute or two, I was literally bombarded with information that ONLY my deceased friends and relatives could possibly know. I know what many people are thinking… she heard what her grieving heart wanted to hear; Char picked up on her body language, etc… I’m absolutely convinced that this is most certainly not the case. For example, subtle nuances, such as the way things were phrased and the words that were used, sounded exactly like my deceased relatives. In addition, not only was the content truly impossible for ANYONE else to have knowledge of, but the topics/issues/concerns were precisely what were most meaningful to my departed relatives. I’m struggling to fully convey the intensity of the experience… you simply MUST have first hand contact with Char before you pass judgment. This experience was truly beyond compare… one not to be missed.

  3. Carolyn Spence says

    My daughter was murder and I so wonder if she is in Heaven? I reall miss her and I just need to know!?

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