Dr Oz: Cardiac Catheterization + Reverse Heart Disease


Dr Oz: Possible Artery Blockage

Dr Oz announced that all month long he’s asking his viewers to “put a little love in your heart,” so he wanted to take his viewers to one of the moments he lives for as a doctor. He shared a time when he got to save two lives, the patient on the O.R. table as well as a second life. He shared the story of Rosemary and her daughter.

Dr Oz: Cardiac Catheterization + Reverse Heart Disease

Dr Oz took his cameras into the O.R. to share the story of a woman with a possible artery blockage, and then shared how you can actually reverse the effects of heart disease. (Nuno Monteiro / Shutterstock.com)


Rosemary had been having chest pains and her doctor sent her to see Dr Oz after he did some chest scans on her heart. Dr Oz looked at the films of her heart, pointing out that she had a blockage. As soon as she saw it, she was brought to tears. Patrick, her dad, said that she struggles to do simple tasks and Rosemary said it’s the fatty, greasy foods that she eats. Dr Oz told her that if she started to lose weight, everything would get better within a week.

Dr Oz: Mom Undergoes Heart Procedure

Dr Oz said he could fix what has already happened as long as she could stop doing what caused it in the first place. Dr Oz then explained that he was going to put a catheter in her heart to determine the extent of the blockage, and then decide if she needs a stint to improve blood flow or open heart surgery, which would be worst case scenario.

Dr Oz told Rosemary to focus on her daughter and realize that she would treat herself how Rosemary treats herself, which is why she can’t be doing things that aren’t good for her.


Dr Oz: Cardiac Catheterization

Three days later, Rosemary came in for her cardiac catheterization. He talked to Rosemary’s daughter and parents before the procedure and Dr Oz said he could see the fear in Rosemary’s eyes both for herself and for her daughter. Rosemary said she was scared that because it was in a bad spot, it wouldn’t be an easy fix.

Dr Oz then explained that Rosemary will be awake for the entire procedure, showing the wire that would be inserted into her heart. Dr Oz then said when they went in and looked at that spot, it didn’t appear as if there was a blockage there that they needed to worry about. “The ball’s back in your court,” Dr Oz said. “I think it’s up to you now.”

Rosemary was all smiles when she came out, as was her daughter. Rosemary’s mom said she had to lose the weight now, and Rosemary said she now has a second chance to make sure it doesn’t happen. Dr Oz then reported that Rosemary has lost 30 pounds since her procedure and has cut out all the soda from her diet.

Dr Oz: Reversing Heart Disease

Dr Oz explained that you have arteries on the surface of your heart that sometimes, over time, start to get diseased, so the blood vessel doesn’t let the blood come through. Sometimes the plaque inside the arteries builds up so thick that it limits the blood that can get to the heart. Without blood, your heart can’t function. By changing the way you eat and exercise, you can stop the plaque from building up and possibly even open the artery a little bit, so that the effect can become a lot less.

“You control your own destiny,” Dr Oz said.


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