Dr Oz: Bright Light Before Death + Near Death Experiences & Faith


Dr Oz: Near Death Experiences & Visions Of Heaven

Stories of real-life miracles are incredibly powerful but there’s nothing like the stories of near-death experiences that involve people coming face to face with God. Freddy recalled watching his mind and body in the rodeo dirt as his friends fought to save his life, while his spirit went to heaven. According to Freddy, his spirit communicated with Jesus and once he was with Jesus, all his human thoughts and feelings were gone. He felt like he was part of Jesus and that Jesus was part of him, as if Jesus had wrapped his arms around him and pulled him in.

Dr Oz was intrigued and mesmerized by the stories of people whose hearts stopped beating. They say they crossed over to a supernatural world and their explanations are detailed and specific from the exact moment they died and transitioned.



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