Dr Oz: Birth Control for Ovarian Cysts & Bleeding Pain Symptoms


Dr Oz: Ovarian Cysts New Advice

Did you know that Ovarian Cysts are very common? Dr Oz said there is new information that even your doctor may not know about. He invited an Assistant of the Day to help explain the latest news about Birth Control for Ovarian Cysts.

Dr Oz: Ovarian Cyst Bleeding Pain

Dr Oz: Birth Control for Ovarian Cysts & Bleeding Pain Symptoms

Have you ever had an Ovarian Cyst? Dr Oz shared information about how to treat them at different ages and new info about birth control for Ovarian Cysts.


Melanie was excited to hang out with Dr Oz, and she said she once had an Ovarian Cyst. Hers went away on its own, which he said can be common.

The reason these can be scary is because they can sometimes erupt unexpectedly, even if you do not know you have them. Melanie wore some purple gloves to compare healthy ovaries to an organ overrun with Ovarian Cyst.

An Ovarian Cyst can be the size of a marble, a tennis ball, or a basketball in extreme cases. Eggs are supposed to pop halfway through your cycle. But if it does not let go, a cyst can form. When a cyst pops, it can bleed and cause pain.


Dr Oz: When To Have a Cyst Removed

Doctor Oz recruited an aerialist to perform acrobatics as an illustration of how cysts can twist inside the body, causing pain and discomfort. That is why doctors sometimes have to remove the cyst, or attach the ovary to the pelvic wall to keep it in its proper place.

Your doctor may give you the option of monitoring your cyst or having it taken out. Dr Oz said you can usually judge the best course based on your symptoms.

If you experience pelvic pain, nausea and vomiting, this could indicate that you have a ruptured or twisted cyst, and you should get to a doctor.

But in most cases, patients in their 20s through the early 40s, these cysts will clear up within eight to 12 weeks. However, for women in their 40s or older should have a cyst checked out, due to an increased risk of cancer.

New Recommendation: Birth Control for Ovarian Cysts

Birth Control Pills used to be a common treatment for Ovarian Cysts. But the results of a new study have changed the guidelines. “Major women’s health organizations no longer recommend that you go on birth control if you have cysts,” Dr Oz said.


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