Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl + Divorce & Life Advice


Dr Oz: Is Bethenny Frankel Too Thin?

Dr Oz announced that Bethenny Frankel is the most famous Real Housewife and is in the headlines almost every day. She’s also the creator of a multi-million dollar brand called Skinnygirl, but has recently gotten some negative feedback for being too skinny. Bethenny joined Dr Oz to talk about her life in the spotlight.

Dr Oz shared pictures of Bethenny in a bikini, and then wearing her 4-year-old daughter’s pajamas. She said she’s surprised by the things people choose to focus on, and said weight is a “fiery topic” in that as soon as someone starts talking about it, people go crazy. She said she’s had nutritionist and experts tell people what she’s supposed to weigh. She stood up and asked Dr Oz’s audience if she looked sick, and after they clapped, explained that she’s a thin, skinny girl.


Do you think Bethenny Frankel looks too thin?

Dr Oz: Skinnygirl Brand + Positive Relationships With Food

Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl + Divorce & Life Advice

Bethenny Frankel talked to Dr Oz about her brand, her recent divorce, and how she handles stress and all the struggles life throws at her. (andrew-todd / flickr)

Speaking of Skinnygirl, Bethenny explained that she didn’t put as much thought into it as people may think. When she first saw a drink she thought “that’s a skinny girl’s margarita.” She intentionally made it one word as well, saying she didn’t want people to focus solely on the word skinny. She said it’s more about a lifestyle, and said, “Ironically, it’s about indulging and not depriving.” She said women tend to beat themselves up about body image and food. She said it’s important to have a good relationship with food, and that’s why she created the brand that allows people to indulge and allow a bit more.


Bethenny said in the last 20 years she’s lost 25 pounds. Bethenny shared that part of the reason she was 25 pounds heavier was because everything she consumed either contained artificial sweeteners or was fat-free. She said she was always on a diet and then would binge because she had a poor relationship with food.

Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel Naturally Thin

Bethenny shared that her first book Naturally Thin was on the bestseller list for five months in a row because she “unleashed people from the imprisonment of dieting.” She said she doesn’t deprive herself, she eats everything, she just doesn’t eat it all at once. She added that “nothing in small quantities is going to make you fat.”

Bethenny often speaks about “food noise” and explained that it’s thoughts about not looking good or feeling unhappy with how you look, as well as shaming yourself over what you ate. She suggested recognizing that you can indulge a little bit without beating yourself up about it.

Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel Divorce + Stress

Dr Oz then moved on to talk to Bethenny about her recent and very public divorce. Bethenny is now two and a half years into the divorce and said her hair got thinner, she wasn’t sleeping much, and she got dark circles under her eyes. She said her personality was more snappy and abrasive. She said stress is far worse than anything you could ever put in your body.

To cope with stress, she says sleeping and snuggling with pets and kids, as well as spending time laughing with friends, is what helps her. Bethenny shared that she tells herself that things are happening for a reason and she doesn’t know what it is yet, but everything she’s been through in the past, she found out later why it happened. She tells herself she’s a survivor and it’s character building.

Bethenny said she believes she’s helping other people and it’s just part of her path. “It’s a spiritual thing, I think,” she said.

Dr Oz: Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny then shared that she put herself at risk for scrutiny by going back to Real Housewives. She’s now on the show and said she missed the connection, honesty, and relationship with the people who were watching.

Dr Oz had Bethenny look at a picture of herself from ten years ago when she was just starting out. If she could go back and talk to the 2005 version of herself, what would you say? Bethenny said, “I would tell her, ‘You don’t need to know what it all is going to be. It doesn’t all have to be wrapped up in a perfect box. You don’t need to know.'”

Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel Life Struggles

She said you need to enjoy the ride, and noticed that the person she is now has struggles just like her past self did. The 2005 version of herself was broke and had no idea what was going to happen to her. She said she feels the same way now, but would tell herself not to beat herself up about it. She started to break down a bit, which, to me, showed that she’s truly not perfect. Even the most successful women have their struggles.

“We’re all just doing the best we can,” Bethenny said. “We’re all just hanging on by a thread a little bit sometimes.” She said the only thing that really matters in all of it is her daughter.

Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel Relationship Advice

Bethenny recently wrote a book tiled I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To. As for the biggest relationship lessons she’s learned throughout everything, Bethenny said women too often don’t go with their gut. She said women were given a woman’s intuition and that, in the beginning of a relationship, you have a gut feeling that you’ll never feel again because you get clouded with what other people say. She said, “You got to be true to your gut.”

How do you feel about Bethenny Frankel now that she has opened up about her struggles to Dr Oz? Do her struggles make her seem more relatable?


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