Dr Oz Becoming a Grandfather + Pregnant Daughter Daphne Oz Due Date


Dr Oz Mystery Guest: Daphne Oz

The Dr Oz Show debuted a new segment, featuring Dr Oz’s mystery guest. Could he figure out who his surprise visitor was? Dr Oz was blindfolded while he attempted to guess the identity of his very first mystery guest, daughter Daphne Oz. Soon, Dr Oz is going to be a grandfather!

Dr Oz’s Daughter Daphne

Dr Oz asked a bunch of questions to try to guess his daughter’s identity. He figured out that she was a TV personality, not a movie star. She described herself as a curious ballerina, which helped him solve the puzzle.


Dr Oz Becoming a Grandfather + Pregnant Daughter Daphne Oz Due Date

Dr Oz had a surprise mystery guest, his own daughter Daphne Oz, who is pregnant with his first grandchild. He said he is excited to become a grandfather.

“When Daphne was a little girl, [she and her sisters] would line up and we would play ballerina,” Dr Oz said. She is the oldest of three sisters.

First-Time Grandfather Dr Oz

Dr Oz is going to be a grandfather for the very first time. Daphne Oz announced her pregnancy in September 2013 on the season premiere of her daytime cooking show, The Chew. Oz looked at an echo of her baby, which appears to have inherited from Daphne what Oprah once called “a very big head.”


Facebook and Twitter users have been submitting suggestions for what Dr Oz should be called by his grandchild. He liked the idea of Grand Oz, but I don’t think Daphne was on board with this. The extended family has taken all the cute nicknames already.

Dr Oz Becoming a Grandfather

Doctor Oz said he was very proud to have Daphne on the show and to be able to celebrate her good news. Steven Tyler recently told Dr Oz that grandfathers need to take on a bigger role in society, because they are overlooked.

During that conversation, Dr Oz knew that he would be a grandfather, but the news was still a secret. Oz said that his wife Lisa became very good at tennis when she was pregnant with Daphne.

When it came time for the family football game at Thanksgiving, no one would take on pregnant Lisa, so she caught a football on Daphne’s head while she was in utero!

Dr Oz: Daphne Oz Due Date

Daphne said she had a lesson from her parents to pass down to her own child: “Everything worth doing in life is worth doing well,” she said, adding that she would encourage curiousity and spur kids to seize every opportunity.

The due date for Daphne’s baby is March 6, 2014, and Dr Oz and Lisa are already signed up for babysitting duty!


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