Dr Oz: Barbecue Restaurant Order + Wasted Food In America


Dr Oz: What He Orders At BBQ Restaurants

Dr Oz wanted to talk about barbecue restaurants, and just the mention of it already had my mouth watering. They’re known for big servings and big sides, and aren’t exactly known for being diet-friendly. Dr Oz admitted that he loves barbecue, but what would he order? At that moment, the doorbell rang and a delivery man entered the studio. Dr Oz then revealed what he actually orders at a barbecue restaurant: corn on the cob, collard greens, cole slaw, ribs, beer instead of soft drinks, and an extra serving of ribs instead of biscuits or rolls.

If you take me to a barbecue joint, I’ll also be munching on ribs, but I’m a true sucker for shredded pork. What’s your typical barbecue restaurant order look like?


Dr Oz: Wasted Food In America

Dr Oz: Barbecue Restaurant Order + Wasted Food In America

Dr Oz shared what his order at a BBQ restaurant would be and then talked about how much food is really wasted in our country. (marktee / Flickr)

Then, speaking of food, Dr Oz revealed that 40% of the food grown or processed in the U.S. is thrown away. For every four bags of groceries you buy, one is wasted. He claimed that food waste is a national scandal that has been hidden for years. There’s a new film called Just Eat It, that tracks food waste from the farm to the grocery and back to your fridge.


An estimated 60 million tons of food is wasted every year. Over $2,000 a year is wasted, on average, per household. Most of that wasted food goes straight to the landfill which then sits and ferments, emitting dangerous methane into the air.

Dr Oz was then joined by Dana Gunders from the Natural Resources Defense Council, who said one in six Americans are food insecure, which means they don’t know where their next meal will come from. She said the amount of food waste in our country is a “moral tragedy.”

Dr Oz: Wasting Perfectly Good Food

Dana said the food we waste is happening in little bits so we don’t tend to realize how much we are actually wasting. The truth is that a lot of times people will throw food away thinking it’s old or no longer fresh. It’s actually all about appearance, and in the film Just Eat It, they show a bruised apple and explain that it’s actually edible, but it’s not good enough for the grocery store. Harol McClarty said he’s seen as much as 70% and as little as 20% of fresh food either left in the field or thrown away before packaging, often times for no reason according to the consumer.

Dr Oz spoke to Jessica Caouette from No Kid Hungry, who said seeing the food that is wasted makes her angry because there are hungry people in this country. In fact, one in five children in America struggle with hunger. The food you waste could be enough enough to feed a family in need for a week on a tight budget.

Dr Oz: Waste Free Kitchen Handbook

So how do we stop the waste? Dana said we can start with the freezer and use them more because almost everything can be frozen, including milk. It’s also important to get creative and use leftover ingredients to make something new. Dana Gunders is the author of “Waste Free Kitchen Handbook.”


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