Dr Oz: Barbara Corcoran Online Scammers Using Her Photo In Ads


Dr Oz: Scammers, Rigged Systems & People Out To Get Your Money

Dr Oz was prepared to go further than he ever had before to take on online scammers. With celebrity endorsements showing up everywhere more than ever before, Dr Oz partnered with one celeb in particular. Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank says her financial success is based directly on the integrity of her name. That’s something that she’s willing to fight for, so the real estate mogul joined Dr Oz to discuss what happened when she attempted to go face-to-face with a scammer.

Barbara Corcoran: Dermafixa Instant Lift Face Cream Scam

Barbara Corcoran was ready to confront those using her name and image without her permission. “Angry is not the word,” she told Dr Oz. “I was enraged.”


Dr Oz: Barbara Corcoran Confronts Scammers Using Fake Online Ads

Dr Oz teamed up with Barbara Corcoran to confront scammers using her name and image without her permission, to sell a fake product. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Barbara learned that scammers were using her likeness to promote products she has nothing to do with. Barbara explained that everyone thinks her face and her name belongs to her. Dr Oz has experienced the same problem, experiencing so much frustration that he began reaching out.


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