Dr Oz: Artificially Sweetened Milk Product Vs Low-Calorie Sports Drink


Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Added To Milk Can Cause Addiction

Did you ever think you could be drinking artificial sweetener when you drink milk? Dr. Oz revealed the dairy industry is lobbying the FDA to change the way they are supposed to label milk with artificial sweeteners added to them. Find out how the FDA defines milk and the dangers that could lead to you or your family developing an addiction to artificial sweeteners.

Dr Oz: Do Artificial Sweeteners Help Our Children Become Healthier?

Cary Frye from the National Dairy Foods Association told Dr. Oz the petition to the FDA to change the ways milk is labeled was simply done so the dairy industry can offer more choices to consumers. She said the dairy industry has no desire or need to add artificial sweeteners to a drink that is not supposed to be sweet. The dairy industry simply wants more options aside from sugar and honey when it comes to making low-calorie dairy products.


Dr Oz: Artificially Sweetened Milk Product Vs Low-Calorie Sports Drink

Dr. Oz talked with a representative from the dairy industry who said they are lobbying for FDA rule changes to compete with low-calorie sports drinks.

Keith Ayoob, a pediatric nutritionist, said research has shown people who eat zero-calorie sweeteners have a better diet. He also argued that artificial sweeteners have been proven to be safe. But Dr. Oz said it is not about whether they are safe. He said he wants to know if the artificial sweeteners are helping us achieve our goal of having healthier children in America.

Dr Oz: Artificially Sweetened Milk Competing With Low-Calorie Sports Drinks

Dr. Oz said his biggest concern with the dairy industry’s desire to add artificial sweeteners is the transparency of the situation. He wondered why the labels still can not be clearly added to the front of the product after Cary Frye just told him the dairy industry only petitioned the FDA to change labeling rules because they want more options, and she told him the dairy industry just wants to be more competitive. She said they are competing with low-calorie soda and sport drink companies, which do not have to label artificial sweeteners on the fronts of their packaging.


Dr. Oz told his guests that he goes out of his way to promote a healthy drink like milk and he goes out of his way to caution against low calorie-drinks, so he couldn’t understand why artificial sweeteners would be added to milk at all.

Dr Oz: Milk In Schools Won’t Contain Artificial Sweeteners

Cary Frye reiterated that the dairy association simply wants more flexibility. She continued by saying there are more natural options, such as stevia or monk fruit juice, but before she could finish, Dr. Oz said aspartame is specifically mentioned in the dairy industry’s petition to the FDA. He wanted to know if the milk in schools would change but thankfully, Frye said those are different regulations, meaning the milk in schools will stay the same, without artificial sweeteners added.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Labeled In Ingredients List On Milk Cartons

Dr. Oz said many critics will argue the dairy industry is petitioning for the rules to be changed because they want to make more money, but Frye said that is not the case. She said dairy farmers do certainly want to boost sales but the most important thing for the dairy industry is more flexibility in the products they sell.

Keith Ayoob told Dr. Oz the one thing he is concerned most with when it comes to children is the lack of calcium in their diet. He said milk is the best way to get calcium, and the artificial sweeteners being added to milk have been proven safe. He also pointed out the ingredients list on milk products will still contain artificial sweeteners, meaning parents only need to turn over the carton and read the ingredients to find out what they are feeding their children.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Could Be Added To Half & Half

Dr. Oz told his audience he is still concerned with the potential for the dairy industry to add artificial sweeteners to other products like sour cream. Cary Frye told Dr. Oz the standards currently state that such changes cannot be made to milk that is not already sweetened, but she admitted the petition does mention other dairy products like sour cream and half & half because they already container a sweetener of some sort.


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