Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners in Milk Can Cause Addiction in Children


Dr Oz: Dairy Industry Added Artificial Sweeteners To Milk

Dr. Oz is investigating the artificial sweeteners added to milk and asking experts if these artificial sweeteners need to be added to milk and whether or not they are safe to drink. The dairy industry is trying to make changes to the way they label dairy products but the new labeling could be harming your family’s health.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Must Be Labeled On Milk

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners in Milk Can Cause Addiction in Children

Dr. Oz revealed that the dairy industry is petitioning to hide artificial sweeteners in the ingredients list and that children can become addicted.


Dr. Oz revealed to the audience that in order for milk to be labeled as “milk,” the front of the label must disclose if the product has been changed by artificial sweeteners. If you see phrases like “less sugar” or “reduced calories” then you can be certain some type of artificial sweetener was added to the milk. But the dairy industry has been trying to petition the FDA to change those rules so they can be allowed to add artificial sweeteners to milk without labeling it on the front of the milk. Instead, the dairy industry wants to list the artificial sweetener in the same place they list the ingredients.

Should the dairy industry clearly state if there are artificial sweeteners in milk? Is placing the artificial sweetener in the ingredients section a moral way to let people know the milk is not pure milk? Dr. Oz said he grew up believing milk is wholesome part of a healthy diet but artificial sweeteners could be changing that.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Addiction

Dr. Oz explained that when artificial sweeteners enter the body, they send signals to the brain that are similar to the signals drugs send to the brain. The worst part is the artificial sweeteners don’t even satisfy a sweet craving like sugar would. This can cause people to eat more and more artificial sweeteners which in turn could lead to addiction.


Dr. Russell Greenfield, author of Healthy Child, Whole Child, said he is concerned with the potential harm artificial sweeteners could cause for children. As parents we try to feed our children correctly, but they are constantly being given artificial sweeteners. He said there is no evidence that shows artificial sweeteners promote any kind of weight loss, saying it could even be the contrary since we are still suffering from an obesity epidemic in America. The last thing we need to do is add artificial sweeteners to the milk our children are drinking.

Dr Oz: Dairy Industry Petitioning FDA To Change Packaging Rules

Heather White, executive director at EWG, called the move by the dairy industry a gimmick so they can change the definition of milk by adding artificial sweeteners to milk. She said now, with the artificial sweeteners being labeled on the front of the milk, parents know what their children are consuming. With the new changes they are lobbying for, the dairy industry may not be required to put anything on the front of a milk carton.

White said the only reason the dairy industry wants to make this change is to make more money. White said the dairy industry thinks they will be able to sell more milk to children if they don’t have to label the milk as “low-calorie,” but she said there are better ways to market towards children.


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