Dr Oz: Analyzing Dreams + Dreaming About Car Trouble & No Clothes


Dr Oz: What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Dr Oz wanted to talk about dreams, whether it’s a dream about being without clothing in front of people or snakes slithering all around you. He wanted to share what your dreams mean about your health. Lauri Loewenberg, a certified dream analyst, explained that our dreams are a big part of who we are because they’re part of our subconscious mind. She said the subconscious mind is like a second brain just under the surface, so when we go to sleep, our subconscious will give us a lot of information about ourselves, our lives, and our bodies.

Dr Oz: Dreaming About Car Trouble

Dr Oz: Analyzing Dreams + Dreaming About Car Trouble

Dr Oz took some time to look at common dreams and what they could actually mean, including why you’re dreaming about having car trouble. (Syda Productions / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz and a few members of his audience wrote down their dreams for a week, and then Lauri pored over the dream journals to look for health clues. The first dream people so often have is of their car breaking down or of having car trouble. Lauri explained that a dream about having car trouble could be a sign that you’re doing too much and could end up having an “energy crash.” She said the dream is a warning.

Dr Oz: What Do Water Dreams Mean?

The next dream is one of the most common and it’s a dream about threatening water and drowning. Lauri explained that it could be a sign that you’re emotionally overwhelmed, and if you have the dream a lot it could be a good idea to have your hormones checked, because it could be a hormonal imbalance. If you’re dreaming about muddy or dirty water, it could be a sign of depression, and if you have overflowing water, it could be a sign you’re about to start your period. Overflowing water could also be connected to bloating or swelling.

Dr Oz: Dreaming About Snakes & Being Without Clothes

Next, Dr Oz and Lauri took a closer look at a very common dream: being without clothes in front of a large number of people. Lauri said it’s common when you’re in a situation where all eyes will be on you. She explained that it’s related to anxiety over how people perceive you. It’s also common when you have to go through tests with your doctor, which can be very invasive, and it could also be worries about what the doctor may find.


Dr Oz looked into his own journal and shared that he sometimes dreams about snakes. Lauri said that a lot of times a snake can symbolize health, medicine, and healing. She said it’s interesting that the snake is going into his head and could be symbolizing medical knowledge that he is getting all the time.


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