Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s From An Infection + Estrogen Patch, Marijuana


Dr Oz: New Alzheimer’s Research

If your brain, your memories, and your future are important to you, you’ll want to play close attention to learn how to protect them. You don’t want to wait another minute to launch your Alzheimer’s defense plan According to Dr Oz, the time is now, thanks to more breakthroughs than ever before.

In early trials, a new drug used antibodies to significantly reduce the visible signs of Alzheimer’s disease from the brain. That gave researchers hope for a future of Alzheimer’s treatment. Additionally, a new at-home brain technology made headlines. Could it really reduce your risk? Plus, are we closer than ever to learning why we get Alzheimer’s in the first place? Could it possibly come from an infection? What would that mean about the disease?



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