Dr Oz: Advice for Eating Like Jesus Ate & Adult Wine Sippy Cup Review


Dr Oz: Jesus Ate a Plant-Based Diet

A.J. Jacobs, a man who lived biblically for one year, following the rules in the Bible as closely as he could, and Dr. Don Colbert both talked with Dr. Oz about how Jesus would have lived and what his diet would have consisted of. Dr. Oz also went over how we were created to eat a plant-based diet, just like Jesus would have eaten.

Dr Oz: Tips For Eating Like Jesus – Drink Wine After Dinner

Dr Oz: Advice for Eating Like Jesus Ate & Adult Wine Sippy Cup Review

Dr. Oz, A.J. Jacobs and Dr. Don Colbert went over their advice for eating like Jesus would have eaten, and they talked about the adult wine sippy cup.


Dr. Don Colbert and A.J. Jacobs both said you can eat like Jesus by following a few simple Bible food laws.

  1. Calculate the time you eat breakfast – Since Jesus was a carpenter he was up early in the morning, which would have been when he ate breakfast. Dr. Oz said it is best to eat breakfast 12 hours after you eat dinner the night before. He suggested a breakfast with yogurt and berries or millet with a topping of nuts.
  2. The second food law is to linger over your lunch – A.J. Jacobs said is is better to slow down when eating lunch and enjoy the food you are eating. He said this will keep you from eating too much food. Dr. Oz added chewing your food an extra 10 times will help you lose weight.
  3. Eat a light meal at about 4 p.m. – Dr. Don Colbert said the key to eating like Jesus is eating an early dinner. Too often people skip breakfast, eat a small lunch and have a huge dinner, which is not healthy. A.J. Jacobs pointed out that gluttony is a sin as well, meaning smaller meals will stop you from committing a sin by eating too much.
  4. Wine and walk – Dr. Colbert said the only drinks Jesus had to drink were wine and water. In Biblical times, it was custom to drink a glass of wine after dinner because it would kill bacteria and parasites while offering some healthy benefits.

Dr Oz: Adult Wine Sippy Cup, Drink on the Go

A.J. Jacobs said a great way to enjoy wine while taking a walk is by using the adult wine sippy cup. It prevents spills while you keep active during your walk.


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