Dr Oz: 90-Year-Old Nurse “SeeSee” + Hangover Remedies


Dr Oz: Oldest Working Nurse In America

Dr Oz knew he couldn’t do a show about nurses without meeting one in particular. She recently made a video that has gone viral. Her name is nurse “SeeSee” and she is 90-years-old. She’s the oldest working nurse in the country. SeeSee graduated nursing school in 1946 and has been a nurse for 70 years. She’s seen all kinds of changes throughout her career and all her co-workers love her to death. She currently works just two days a week, prepping and supplying the operating room. She’s even still taking the stairs.


Nurse SeeSee actually tried to retire when she was 65-years-old, but she came back after 6 months because she simply just missed it too much. She said it keeps her active and keeps her brain stimulated. Recently, her coworkers all packed the halls at Tacoma hospital to surprise her on her 90th birthday. She got a tiara, flowers, and even a note from the governor. She even just re-certified for CPR, which is good for two more years!

Dr Oz: 90-Year-Old Nurse "SeeSee" + Hangover Remedies

Dr Oz welcomed to his show the oldest working nurse in America, and then shared a few hangover remedies anyone can use. (phalinn / Flickr)


Dr Oz: 90-Year-Old Nurse SeeSee

Dr Oz then welcomed nurse SeeSee to his show. SeeSee actually flew all the way across the country from Washington state, and Dr Oz explained that he never would have made her make the trip if she hadn’t been so passionate about coming as well. SeeSee said she felt honored to be on his show and said it’s been overwhelming since her birthday, that she just can’t believe all the notoriety. She said her two granddaughters told her it’s gone viral and she didn’t even know what they were talking about.

Dr Oz: Nurse Search + Hangover Remedies

Dr Oz, before the end of his show, announced that he was going to add a nurse to his show. He’s looking for a nurse to become a regular on his show. Go to his website and click on Nurse Search to submit yourself or someone else you know. Dr Oz then surprised all the nurses in his audience with a $150 gift card to GoPriv.com for a little rest and relaxation.

Also, he added a little tip for how nurses nurse a hangover. They suggested miso soup because it’s fermented. The nurse joked that after a long night sometimes you need something to “take you from hungover, to miso sober.” Hilarious! Another nurse shared that at the end of her night, she likes to take a shot of pickle juice to restore electrolytes.


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