Dr Oz: 4-MEI Caramel Coloring in Soda & Triclosan Antibacterial Risk


Dr Oz: Caramel Coloring + Triclosan

Consumer Reports teamed with Dr Oz to share the results of a controversial new study about Caramel Coloring. We see this in many products, from soda and syrup to beer and bread. Also, learn why the FDA has changed its stance about Triclosan, a chemical you probably have in your house.

Caramel Coloring has been linked to cancer in animals, and California requires warning labels for foods that have a certain level of Caramel Coloring. Consumer Reports launched a nine-month investigation, and Dr Urvashi Rangan said that some of these artificial colors can create 4-MEI, a potential carcinogen.


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    Why?? would you warn us against caramel coloring & then have an ad on your site for Twinlab Bariatric Support – Super B-Complex w/caramel coloring? l’m confused?

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