Who is Dr Caroline Apovian? Overnight Diet, Hunger Pangs & DASH Review


Dr Oz: The Overnight Diet with Dr Caroline Apovian

Dr Caroline Apovian is a physician with two decades of experience in the field of weight management. She is also the author of The Overnight Diet and a member of the medical advisory board for The Dr Oz Show. People love her liquid diet program that can help you lose two pounds overnight. Find out more about her.

(If you want to skip right to the weight loss, check out her Orange Zest Smoothie, Crispy Apple Drink, Banana Latte, and Kale Margarita. Yum!)


Who Is Dr Caroline Apovian?

Who is Dr Caroline Apovian? Overnight Diet, Hunger Pangs & DASH Review

Dr Caroline Apovian is an expert on weight management whose popular plan The Overnight Diet is a hit! Learn more about her expertise and diet. solutions

Dr Caroline Apovian wears many hats, working in various capacities to share her skills and specialty at Boston University and its medical center. She is also a consultant for NASA and works to help the government shape its approach to treatment for overweight adult patients.

In addition to The Overnight Diet, Dr Apovian also wrote The Alli Diet Plan back in 2007, which could be a good alternative for people who are interested in that nutritional program. She is widely sought out as a contributor to health and medicine journals, as well as to speak or give lectures about weight management around the world.


Dr Oz & Dr Caroline Apovian

Dr Apovian serves as a member of the medical advisory team on The Dr Oz Show. She and other medical professionals help to research and verify the medical accuracy and appropriateness of the material that appears on the show.

As a part of the show’s team, she has also appeared multiple times as a guest on Dr Oz’s show and other programs. Here are some of the perspectives she has contributed in recent television appearances.

Dr Apovian explained evidence that patients with obesity face discrimination in the medical community, even when they are attempting to seek help or treatment for this disease.

Dr Caroline Apovian: Hunger Pangs & DASH Diet Review

On Good Morning America, Apovian said that good sleep is required for success on a diet plan, because it helps to prevent pesky hunger pangs that can throw you off course.

She also sounded off about the DASH Diet, which she said has been popular and has health statistics to back up its philosophies, which have made it the #1 diet in America.

Dr Apovian developed criteria for Dr Oz’s study of Green Coffee Bean Extract, and the results were impressive. Keep watching Dr Oz for more advice and weight management solutions from Dr Caroline Apovian.



  1. Jovanna Pena says

    Dr. Amphibian is such a great weight loss professional, I am lucky to be her patient for close to four years, she has helped me maintain my weight loss goals after Bypass surgery. Not only have I lost over 260 lbs., but with her help, I have been able to learn new strategies and ways of not only eating the right combinations of healthy foods, but what importance sleep and feeling great is all about. I trully owe her and my whole weight loss team my life. I can never thank her and them enough.

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