Lisa Oz’s Remedies: Bach Rescue Remedy & Fennel Seeds on Dr Oz Show


Dr Oz: Lisa Oz Home Remedies

Dr Oz shared Natural Beauty Remedies on his show today. He’s often talked about enjoying Natural Home Remedies, and that’s why he invited his wife, Lisa Oz, to share some of the family’s favorite home remedies, from the Bach Rescue Remedy to Fennel Seeds for gas, Lavender Oil for burns, and Unpasteurized Honey for cuts.

Find out how Dr Oz’s family handles minor everyday health concerns using their favorite natural remedies. Here are the solutions Lisa Oz shared on The Dr Oz Show.


Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Headache Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy: Lisa Oz & Dr Oz

Dr Oz's wife, Lisa Oz, shared her favorite home remedies, including a review of Bach Rescue Remedy.

If you’re having trouble getting rid of your headaches, massage a drop of Peppermint Oil into each of your temples (or get someone else to do this for you). The aromatherapy effects will calm and soothe you so you can relax.

Dr Oz: Lisa Oz Bach Rescue Remedy Review

The Oz family’s second child, Arabella, had such crabby moods that her parents nicknamed her Terrorbella. If you have an upset child (or adult) in your household, try spraying some Bach Rescue Remedy under their tongue for nearly instant results.


Dr Oz: Epsom Salt Sore Muscle Solution

If your problem is sore muscles, Dr Oz’s wife, Lisa Oz, has a solution for that as well. Try soaking in a hot bath with Epsom Salt added to the water. The Magnesium it contains can help you to unwind.

Dr Oz: Unpasteurized Honey First Aid Remedy

Do your children constantly come home with cuts and scrapes from the playground? Lisa Oz said that Unpasteurized Honey is the perfect solution for this issue. (But don’t use regular kitchen honey for this.) Just dab a drop onto the cut, and don’t let kids (or pets) lick it off the wound.

Lisa Oz: Lavender Oil Burn Remedy

The Oz family uses Lavender Oil for burns, such as those caused by a curling iron. If applied immediately, this will shrink the burn within a few days and prevent it from leaving a scar.

Dr Oz: Fennel Seed Gas Remedy

Lisa confessed that her husband, Dr Oz, can be gassy. But she said Fennel Seeds are a great remedy, whether you eat a handful or add them to your tea. Dr Oz confirmed that this remedy works for him.

Dr Oz: Listerine Itchy Scalp Review

Dr Oz also shared a few alternative uses for common household items. You know Listerine is a powerful mouthwash, but have you thought about using it to treat an itchy scalp? It has fungus fighting powers, and you can massage a mixture of Listerine and Baby Oil into your hair after a shampoo and rinse.

Dr Oz: Whole Milk Sunburn Remedy

Did you know that Whole Milk is great for treating Sunburns? Dip a clean cloth into cold milk and apply it directly to the Sunburn. Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and reapply this every few hours as needed.

Dr Oz: Vaporub Cut Remedy

Splinters and cuts can be annoying and painful, but Vaporub products can help soothe and relieve symptoms. Dab Vaporub onto the cut and place an adhesive bandage over the spot for best results.



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    love your show i miss the remedy with the grape seed oil to lower high blood pressure.

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