Kola Cola Recipe, Kola Nut Extract, Matcha Tea & Perfect Snaque Reviews


Dr Oz: Holistic Energy

Dr Oz’s holistic hour featured guest Dr Andrew Weil, who revealed some All Natural Solutions, and even a Cancer Fighting Pasta Recipe. Dr Oz also helped a woman from his audience learn how she can use natural tools in her pursuit of weight loss. Now he is talking about the natural products, such as Rhodiola, Matcha Tea, and the Perfect Snaque, that can help boost your energy. Also try his Kola Cola Recipe, made with Kola Nut Extract.

If you’re tired of that so-called 2:30 feeling that hits you late in the day, skip the caffeine. Instead, check out Dr Oz’s fatigue busting natural remedies that can help you climb out of that slump.


Dr Oz: Matcha Tea & Kola Nut Extract

Dr Oz shared natural energy boosters, like Matcha Tea, the Perfect Snaque, Rhodiola and his Kola Cola Recipe with Kola Nut Extract.

This was the perfect segment for audience member Sue, who said that despite diet and exercise, she still can’t seem to make it through the busy days. Caffeine isn’t helping her any longer, and she said it’s a struggle just to keep up with her kids.

Dr Oz: Matcha Tea Review

The first item on Dr Oz’s Holistic Energy list was Matcha Tea. This is like Green Tea, but it’s much more powerful. Just one cup of Matcha Tea has 10 times the antioxidant power of Green Tea.


Look for it online or even at your grocery store. Dr Oz also shared a pro tip: Don’t add Matcha Tea directly to boiling water, which can result in a grass flavor. Instead, let the water sit for about five minutes after boiling; then add tea bags.

Sue didn’t love the taste of the tea, but she agreed to give it a try in pursuit of better energy levels.

Dr Oz Kola Cola Recipe: Kola Nut Extract Review

Also in Dr Oz’s bag of tricks was a lunchtime treat: Kola Nut Extract. This is also sold in stores and online. Dr Oz explained how you can use it to make your own Kola Cola, which is a healthier energy booster than any other soda alternatives.


  • 8 ounces Seltzer Water
  • 20 drops Kola Nut Extract
  • 1/2 packet Stevia
  • Lime Juice


  1. Combine the ingredients in a glass and stir well.
  2. Enjoy your calorie-free, all natural lunchtime beverage.

Dr Oz: Perfect Snaque Review

Dr Oz also told Sue about the Perfect Snaque, which contains Amaranth and comes in three varieties. An entire snack pack has just 250 calories, and Sue liked the crunch and taste of this one.

Dr Oz: Rhodiola

Finally, Dr Oz mentioned the fatigue fighting powers of Rhodiola, which is also a memory booster. Now you have some natural energy boosting tricks to try.


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