Keratin Hair Powder & Celery Root Juice Remedies on Dr Oz


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Viewer Questions

No topic was too taboo or off limits for Dr Oz when it came to Embarrassing Questions. After a Laser Hair Removal Demonstration, he answered many more beauty & body questions viewers are afraid to ask. Find out what you can do with Keratin Hair Powder for your Thinning Hair, and learn a Stretch Mark Remedy. Plus, learn the #1 Cankle Remedy from Dr Oz: Celery Root Juice.

Dr Oz: Thinning Hair Advice

Dr Oz talked with Jennifer, who said her husband helpfully pointed out her thinning hair. She noticed that a lot of her hair comes out in the shower.


Keratin Hair Powder Review: Dr Oz

Dr Oz talked about causes of thinning hair & baldness, suggesting Keratin Hair Powder & other solutions.

He said that it’s normal to notice hair loss with aging, but that hair shouldn’t be coming out in clumps. If there is a major change in your hair loss, it’s best to check in with your doctor. But what about the 40% of women who experience hair loss? Dr Oz shared some tips.

Dr Oz: Pattern Baldness Vs Alopecia

There are three main types of hair loss in humans:

  • Male Pattern Baldness – Receding hairline with age
  • Female Pattern Baldness – On top of the scalp; caused by hormone sensitivity
  • Alopecia Areata – Stress-related baldness

Jennifer said she’s tried the shampoos and vitamins, with no success. Dr Oz gave her some ideas about other remedies.

Dr Oz: Minoxidil Vs Propecia Reviews

Dr Oz recommended two products in particular, each with its own benefits. Minoxidil is a great product for hair growth, because it is gentle on the scalp.

Propecia is a prescription product, and it’s contraindicated for pregnant women or women who are hoping to become pregnant. But Propecia is OK for women after menopause.

Ask your doctor about your particular needs and which product is best for your situation.

Dr Oz: Keratin Hair Powder Review

Keratin Hair Powder is a protein derivative that bonds to and fattens hair fibers. The results are nearly instantaneous, as the audience saw when Dr Oz applied the product to Jennifer’s hair.

Dr Oz: Breast Stretch Marks Remedy

Katy was concerned about the lingering Stretch Marks left on her breasts. She’s not bothered by them right now, but is concerned about what will happen if she becomes pregnant. Dr Oz noted that pregnancy is a major cause of Stretch Marks.

The skin is comprised of several layers, and as you gain weight, the top of the skin begins to stretch. Then it begins to crack, appearing as Stretch Marks, which can turn into permanent scars. Weight control is a great natural remedy for this issue.

Dr Oz: Retinol Cream Review for Stretch Marks

You can apply Retinol Cream directly to your stretch marks to improve their appearance, but you can’t use it when you’re pregnant. Also look into laser treatments for Stretch Mark Removal.

Dr Oz Cankles Remedies

Arianna said that she wants to wear shorts this summer, but she worries that her Cankles make her look bad. Aging takes its toll all over our bodies, and the fat tissue in our ankles is no exception. Sagging and swelling in this area can lead to Cankles.

Dr Oz suggested putting your feet up to reduce swelling in the area. He also told Arianna to look for shoes with a heel of 2 inches or less, which can help to elongate the ankle area.

Dr Oz: Aminophylline Review for Cankles

Another anti-swelling solution for Cankles isAminophylline, a topical cream. Just apply it to the area twice a day, and it could help reduce the appearance of swelling.

Dr Oz: Celery Root Juice for Cankles

Dr Oz suggested Celery Root Juice as a Cankles Remedy. It’s a diuretic, which will help remove excess fluid from the body. Add a glass of Celery Root Juice to your daily routine.



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    How many Oz’s of celery root juice should I add to my daily diet? I used 4 celery roots and barely got 8 Oz’s of juice. Can I add it to my carrot juice and still get the same affect or can I add regular celery juice and get the same affect? The roof was very difficult to find and once I found it the cost was $3.00 a pound,,, so it cost me $9 for barely 8 oz of juice. Can I make a dish with the pulp from my juicer like say maybe boil it and mash like potatoes, and get the same affect of the release of excess water/body fluids?

    • says

      That does sound expensive, and you have some good questions. I’m not sure about the details; we only get our info from Dr Oz’s show. But maybe the people who sold you the celery root would know whether boiling works. Good luck! We’d love to know if you find a more cost effective solution.

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