Keratin Hair Powder & Celery Root Juice Remedies on Dr Oz


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Viewer Questions

No topic was too taboo or off limits for Dr Oz when it came to Embarrassing Questions. After a Laser Hair Removal Demonstration, he answered many more beauty & body questions viewers are afraid to ask. Find out what you can do with Keratin Hair Powder for your Thinning Hair, and learn a Stretch Mark Remedy. Plus, learn the #1 Cankle Remedy from Dr Oz: Celery Root Juice.

Dr Oz: Thinning Hair Advice

Dr Oz talked with Jennifer, who said her husband helpfully pointed out her thinning hair. She noticed that a lot of her hair comes out in the shower.


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    How many Oz’s of celery root juice should I add to my daily diet? I used 4 celery roots and barely got 8 Oz’s of juice. Can I add it to my carrot juice and still get the same affect or can I add regular celery juice and get the same affect? The roof was very difficult to find and once I found it the cost was $3.00 a pound,,, so it cost me $9 for barely 8 oz of juice. Can I make a dish with the pulp from my juicer like say maybe boil it and mash like potatoes, and get the same affect of the release of excess water/body fluids?

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      That does sound expensive, and you have some good questions. I’m not sure about the details; we only get our info from Dr Oz’s show. But maybe the people who sold you the celery root would know whether boiling works. Good luck! We’d love to know if you find a more cost effective solution.

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