Fenugreek Tea, Konjac Root, Pituitary Gland & Human Growth Hormone


Dr Oz: Pituitary Gland

Dr Oz wanted to help us all get our Metabolism on the right track. His show featured fitness professional Chris Powell, who talked about Metabolism Myths and shared his Metabolism Workout. But there’s still another consideration when it comes to your metabolism. Could your Pituitary Gland be wreaking havoc on your body? Dr Oz shared some perspective, along with products such as Fenugreek Tea, L-Arginine and Konjac Root.

Dr Oz met Renee, a woman from his audience who said she’s been trying to lose weight, without much luck, for many years. Dr Oz and Renee took a look at the Pituitary Gland, a small part of the brain that produces the Human Growth Hormone, which some people call the Fountain of Youth.


Dr Oz: Human Growth Hormone

Pituitary Gland & Fenugreek Tea: Dr Oz

How does your Pituitary Gland affect your metabolism? Dr Oz shared natural remedies like Fenugreek Tea to boost your natural growth hormones.

The Human Growth Hormone is responsible for keeping us energetic and vibrant, but when the body doesn’t naturally produce enough of this on its own, there are consequences. Low hormone levels can result in more body fat storage, less skin elasticity, and beauty issues like Crow’s Feet. You could also lose muscle mass and gain so-called bat wings.

In your youth, the body naturally produces this hormone. But by about age 30, it starts to taper off, slowly declining for the rest of your life. But the good news in all this is that there are ways you can reverse that decline and stay in an ideal range of this hormone.


Of course, there are the Human Growth Hormone injections you may have heard about on the news, but Dr Oz didn’t recommend those. Instead, he had some alternatives in the form of natural supplements.

Dr Oz: Fenugreek Tea Review

Look for Fenugreek Tea at a health food store or tea shop. These herbs have anti-aging benefits, according to Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine Supplement Review

The L-Arginine Supplement seems to be a Dr Oz favorite lately, because he’s mentioned it on the show multiple times. The suggested dosage is 2000 mg three times per day.

For better rest, try wearing a sleep mask to bed, which will block out ambient light.

Konjac Root Diet Supplement

There’s still one more bonus Dr Oz tip to help you look and feel younger and lose weight. Try adding Konjac Root to your diet, about one hour before mealtime.


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