Dr Oz: Zinc Gluconate, Witch Hazel & Nettle Tea Drugstore Remedies


Dr Oz: Drugstore Solutions

Dr Oz’s recent episodes have highlighted Drugstore Beauty Products and Hair Care Remedies. We all know that ongoing health care can get expensive, so it’s nice that he is working to help people manage their body problems. Check out his advice regarding Witch Hazel Pads, Zinc Gluconate Lozenges and Nettle Tea.

Zinc Gluconate: Dr Oz Drugstore

Feel better faster with Dr Oz's drugstore remedies for colds, hemorrhoids & allergies, such as Zinc Gluconate.


For additional insight about the pharmacy finds and drugstore solutions, Dr Oz consulted with pharmacist Nancy Nkansah. These products are affordable and can be put to effective use for certain symptoms and conditions.

Dr Oz Hemorrhoids: Witch Hazel Pads

Did you know that you can use Witch Hazel Pads for Hemorrhoid symptoms? They work like an astringent, and they can reduce discomfort caused by burning or itching. Just use the pad to cleanse the infected area every few hours. These are definitely affordable if they can help with your symptoms.

Zinc Gluconate Lozenges Review

The common cold seems to hit hardest in the winter, but you can actually get it any time of the year. When you do, look for Zinc Gluconate Lozenges as a cold remedy. These have been proven in clinical research to reduce the length of a cold.


They are much cheaper than antibiotics and other typical medications, and they are similar in taste to cough drops. If needed, you would take three or four a day until you feel better. (I like these cheap remedies! Now if only Dr Oz and friends could come up with a better alternative to urgent care.)

Dr Oz Allergies: Nettle Tea

Dr Oz loves to recommend tea at just about any opportunity. He talked about Nettle Tea  again in this segment, which has antihistamine properties just like allergy medicine. Try it for relief from Hay Fever or other seasonal complaints. Use it with lozenges to fight that cough and sore throat with everything you’ve got.

What are your favorite drugstore remedies or affordable solutions? Did you have a cold this past winter, or did you manage to dodge it this time around? Share your health solutions with everyone in the comments.


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