Dr. Oz Wu-Wei Zi Tea, Bladderwrack, Glycine Powder & Rose Hip Powder


Dr Oz: Natural Prescription Drug Alternatives

Prescription drugs are more common than ever to treat a variety of ailments and issues. However, did you know that there are ways to treat afflictions such as high blood pressure and anxiety without ever having to resort to drugs? Naturopathic Physician Pina LoGiudice stopped by to teach Dr. Oz about some of the natural alternatives you can try. Use Wu-Wei Zi Tea for anxiety, Rose Hip Powder for high blood pressure, Glycine Powder to help you sleep and Bladderwrack as a thyroid medication.


All natural remedies, such as Wu Wei Zi tea, can be used in place of prescription drugs


Dr Oz: Wu-Wei Zi Tea to Combat Anxiety

If you are on anti-anxiety medication, Wu-Wei Zi Tea (also called 5-flavor herb) is an all-natural alternative. Wu-Wei Zi tea targets the adrenal glands, helps with fatigue, and improves mental performance. If you’re worried about safety, don’t be: this calming herbal tea has been used in China for centuries. You can purchase Wu-Wei Zi, or use this recipe to make it yourself:

Add 1 Tbsp dried schizandra berries in steeper to 1 C boiling water
Reduce to low heat
Steep 15 minutes

Dr Oz: Rose Hip Powder Fights High Blood Pressure

For high blood pressure, try Rose Hip Powder, a natural diuretic. Stress is definitely a contributing factor towards high blood pressure, and taking anti-oxidant rich Rose Hip Powder can help alleviate it. Rose Hip Powder allows the blood vessels to relax. Simply add ¾ tsp of rose hip powder to 1 serving of applesauce and take two times a day.


Dr Oz: Bladderwrack as Thyroid Medication

If you’re on thyroid medication, try all-natural Bladderwrack instead. It is an iodine-rich seaweed that can be found in the the Northern Atlantic ocean. Take 3 grams, 3 times per day. You can also take 3 first thing in the morning.

Dr Oz: Glycine Powder Sleep Medication

There is a brand new that study indicates sleep medications can be harmful to your health, even tripling your risk of death. When you can’t sleep, avoid the pills and try an all-natural remedy instead, like Glycine Powder. Glycine Powder is a calming amino acid, naturally found in beef, chicken and legumes, that can help combat your insomnia and promote healthy sleep. You can take it as a capsule or as a travel pack. For the travel pack, add the contents (3 g) to a glass of water before bed.

Dr. Oz’s suggestion is to bring these products to your doctor and get a conversation going about potentially switching to natural remedies.



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