Dr Oz: Willow Bark & Copper Infused Compression Clothing Reviews


Dr Oz: Natural Remedies for Pain

Dr Oz and his guest, TV personality Montel Williams, talked about Montel’s Energy Plan & Smoothie Recipe on the show. They also covered some of the best natural pain remedies, including Hops Extract, Willow Bark, and Copper Infused Compression Clothing. See if any of these ideas could work for your pain.

Dr Oz: Hops Extract

Hops is a preservative used in beer, but it also has health benefits as an anti-inflammatory. Montel and Dr Oz discussed a Hops Extract dosage of 30 drops before bedtime. Montel said is has a slight bitter taste, but the results are worth it.

Foam Massage Roller: Dr Oz

Dr Oz: Copper Infused Compression Clothing

Could Copper Infused Compression Clothing be the next big trend in natural healing? Montel Williams is a believer, but Dr Oz isn't ready to commit.



  1. Nancy says

    Better than copper compression is the only patented, clinically proven (published clinical trial from Tufts University) copper analgesic (TheraFlex) that can be used at any time, for any pain, to safely and effectively aid in the relief and management of chronic and acute pain. Can be used as firest line or adjuct to pain treatment.

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