Dr Oz: Whole Health Energy Body Scan & Pink Nose for Sleep


Dr Oz: Ancient Energy Trick Gets New Twist

Can the power of touch give you an accurate diagnosis? Natural healer Dr Mark Mincolla, author of Whole Health, said that muscle strength is an indicator of health. He believes that anyone could perform an energy body scan.

Mincolla said that this is the same way that Acupuncture, Acupressure, and energy points have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is another tradition that relies on these methods.


Dr Oz: Thoughts Affect Energy

Dr Oz: Whole Health Energy Body Scan & Pink Nose for Sleep

Do you believe that ancient healing can hold the keys to your Whole Health? Dr Oz met Mark Mincolla, who explained the process of an Energy Body Scan.

Think of a light bulb as your body’s energy. The brighter it is, the more energy you may have. Diet and even thoughts can affect that energy level. Healthy foods such as leafy greens and fruits can boost your energy, which benefits the body. However, junk food such as candy or soda can reduce your energy levels.

Dr Oz said he thought it was more interesting that words can affect our energy levels. Words like love or happiness can affect neurological chemistry. Negative words, such as hopeless or cancer, can affect immunity and our energy levels.


Dr Oz: Energy Body Scan

Caroline from the audience agreed to participate in an Energy Body Scan. Mincolla explained the steps. Raise your arm a little higher than parallel with the floor. Make a fist, keeping the elbow straight and the wrist taut.

Mincola said she seemed to be in good health, and he checked some Acupuncture points to diagnose whether she had stress, insomnia, anxiety or allergies. He explained that there are a thousand pressure points that can help nail down diagnoses in the body.

Dr Oz: Self Stress Test

The audience partnered up to test out the system. You can do this with a partner. If you are the patient, make a fist with your non-dominant arm and have your buddy test your energy points.

Allergy points are under each eye, and stress points are found in the hand. Insomnia points are in the wrist. The middle of the palm indicates Stress levels. This was a bit complex for a short Dr Oz segment.

You can learn more about this by reading Mincolla’s book, Whole Health.

Dr Oz: Lavender Oil & Pink Noise for Sleep

Do you wish you could get more sleep? Dr Oz shared energy advice featuring three natural sleep aids.

  • Lemon Balm Tea – From the mint family, this can relax your body and promote good sleep. Drink it before bedtime.
  • Pink Noise – Find a sleep app on your smartphone that has a Pink Noise option, such as raindrops, to boost your deep sleep.
  • Lavender Oil – Add a drop or two of this relaxing essential oil to your pillowcase for nighttime aromatherapy.


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