Dr Oz: Weird Health Advice + Do You Google Your Symptoms?


Dr Oz: Crazy Health Advice

Dr Oz wanted to talk about some of the craziest health advice people have given. He first talked to Ann who said she tried the saran wrap with herbal patches around her waist in hopes of getting rid of her muffin top. Another woman shared that she got hooked on coffee enemas and said it was “dynamite” and a great way to start her Monday morning. Dr Oz then found a woman named Mahani in the audience who shared that her grandmother was always big on home remedies. She then gazed into Dr Oz’s ears before explaining that ear wax “definitely works” for fever blisters.


Dr Oz: Ear Wax For Fever Blisters?

Dr Oz: Weird Health Advice + Do You Google Your Symptoms?

Dr Oz heard from a few women who had some bizarre health advice to share and then talked about why Googling your symptoms may be bad news. (jessicafm / Flickr)

Mahani then called out all the people making faces at her saying that we’ve all tried tasting ear wax before. She said she might not get any more kisses now, but it’s worth it. She then went as far as to say that if you don’t have any ear wax, “go to your kids.” Now, that got me saying “eewww!”


Dr Oz said he actually looked into it by asking members of his medical staff and found out that it makes sense because ear wax is acidic. Because it’s acidic, it kills bacteria, but because fever blisters are caused by a virus, he was unsure if it would actually work there. He said for things like blackheads “who knows?”

What’s the weirdest health advice you’ve ever been given?

Dr Oz: Do You Google Your Symptoms?

Dr Oz then wanted to ask “what if you doctor could see what you’re Googling?” He decided to do a social experiment to find out. One woman performed a simple search to find out why her hair was falling out and why she was getting headaches. It somehow led her to believe she had Lupus. Next, a woman looked up why she had stomach pain and was lead to cancer right away. A third woman wanted to know about discoloration on her breast and curious as to whether she had vitiligo.

Dr Oz was joined by three doctors, including Dr Michael Roizen who pointed out that the Google searches brought up very complex things rather than the simple things they would think of first. Dr Evelyn Minaya said doctors need to actually be more sensitive and understanding to the fact that patients are bright and intelligent people, and all they’re looking for is information. Dr Roshini Rajapaksa said it’s okay to go ahead and call your doctor rather than sitting there and worrying.

Dr Roizen said he’s empathetic and appreciates you teaching him about where they got their fears from. The three doctors certainly seemed to learn the most from this experiment! Are you guilty of Googling your health symptoms? Ever had a horrible experience because of it?


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