Dr Oz: Vitamin D Diet Review by Dr Keri Peterson & Monterey Mushrooms


Dr Oz: Vitamin D Diet

Vitamin D diet is an important natural component of health, and we find it in everything from sunlight to dairy products. But did you know that Vitamin D can also be a weapon in the fight against fat? Dr Keri Peterson is one of the authors of The Vitamin D Diet, and she shared how foods such as Monterey Mushrooms and supplements can help your body kick into overdrive thanks to this powerful vitamin.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Diet

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? 70% of people aren't, but they might benefit from the Vitamin D Diet.


Dr Keri Peterson said Vitamin D is vital for our health, noting that 3000 studies of Vitamin D’s effects have taken place in the last year alone. It’s important for bone health, the body’s natural immunities, and even the metabolism. Shockingly, 70% of people have low levels of Vitamin D and could be reaping the benefits.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Diet Review

In The Vitamin D Diet, Dr Keri Peterson shows how to lose five pounds in five weeks. This happens when the body switches from fat storage to fat burning.

Vitamin D in your diet can help you achieve this goal, and by eating high calorie vitamin rich foods, you can burn fat faster. These ingredients and foods are easy to find and affordable, making the diet even more attractive to busy people.


Vitamin D Diet: Fortified Eggs

At breakfast, Dr Peterson said you should focus on foods like Fortified Eggs and bread. Three eggs have 300 IU of Vitamin D, which means your day is off to a healthy start. If you’re not an egg lover, find a Fortified Cereal and enjoy it with a cup of milk.

Vitamin D Diet: Salmon Salad

At lunch, get fish in your diet with a Salmon Salad for 775 IU of Vitamin D. Add Yogurt with the vitamin for another 80 IU.

Vitamin D Diet: Monterey Mushrooms

Mushrooms are high in Vitamin D, and the best ones are those treated with UV light after harvesting, according to Dr Peterson; check the label if you’re not sure. Monterey Mushrooms contain 400 IU of Vitamin D in every 3 ounce serving.

Vitamin D Diet: Vitamin D Supplements

Dr Peterson reminded everyone that you can turn to Supplements to boost your daily Vitamin D intake. Take 600 to 1000 IU of Vitamin D supplements. With chewable, gummy or capsule forms, you can find one that you like best.

Dr Oz said you can absorb Vitamin D naturally through sun exposure. He recommended getting 10-15 minutes a day of sunlight without sunscreen protection. After that, you’ll want to slather on SPF 30 Sunscreen for more fun in the sun.


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