Dr Oz: Vastu Secrets & Architecture + Fire, Earth, Water, & Air


Dr Oz: Vastu Secrets

Dr Oz shared that he was going to unlock the secrets of an ancient technique that can harness the energy in your surrounding environment and possibly help you maximize your health. It’s called Vastu and it may help banish your stress. Vastu is said to be the basis of feng shui and focuses on bringing health to your body through your environment. The entire technique involves the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth.

Dr Oz: Vastu Secrets & Architecture + Fire, Earth, Water, & Air

Dr Oz revealed the secrets of vastu and vastu architecture to make sure your home and life are in balance. (Potapov Alexander / Shutterstock.com)


Vastu practitioners believe that if any of those elements are out of balance, you can experience disharmony, putting yourself at risk for disease. Dr Oz had tips to make sure you were in balance, in order to improve your health.

Dr Oz: Vastu Architecture

Dr Oz welcomed Michael Mastro, a vastu architect, who explained that vastu is the mother of feng shui. He said it’s all about keeping energy flowing in your residence, because when energy get stuck, it creates stress. He said he’s personally had better success with vastu than feng shui. He described vastu as “yoga for your house.”

Dr Oz also welcomed Dr Kulreet Chaudhary, an ayurvedic practioner, who explained that vastu is a sister of ayurvedic medicine. She said she had a subset of patients who were doing everything right and were able to get to a certain point, but never beyond that. She asked Michael to come in and he went to their homes, changing some things around, and suddenly they were able to get more progress.


Vastu Northwest: Air, & Harmony In Relationships

Dr Oz said the four elements are used in vastu and they each correlate to specific areas based off compass directions. So you have to start by figuring out what’s north and south in your home. Each element went with a specific spot and Michael was going to explain how to make sure each element was aligned for a harmonious home.

The northwest part of your home is correlated with air. Dr Chaudhary explained that in the body, air is the element represented by the nervous system and the mind. The air element is connected to relationships and communication and when balanced, it results in more harmony in relationships. You can add wind chimes, soft blue colors, mobiles, or pictures of skies and clouds in order to support your relationships in the northwest area of your house.

Vastu Northeast: Water & Growth

The northeast is associated with water. Dr Chaudhary said water is important for removing obstacles in the body so that there is proper growth in the tissues and removing waste products. When there’s an obstruction, it can prevent the removal of waste. The water element is connected to growth, and when it’s balanced it results in prosperity financially, spiritually, and in terms of procreation.

You can add things like a fountain or pictures of rivers or streams, as well as soft yellow colors to the northeast area of your home.

Vastu Southeast: Fire & Energy

As for the southeast, it is connected to fire. Dr Chaudhary said it’s one of the most important parts of your body: the digestive system. Fire is also linked to energy, and when it’s balanced it leads to good digestion and abundant energy. Fluctuating blood sugar levels are also linked to the fire element.

You can balance the fire element in the southeast area of your home by using candles or a Himalayan salt lamp. You can also accent the room with colors like soft rose.

Vastu Southwest: Earth & Support

Last is the southwest, which is connected to the earth element. Dr Chaudhary said if your earth element is out of whack you will see things like constipation or lower back pain. The earth element is connect to feeling supported, and when balanced it leads to success in careers and life. An easy remedy is to eat more fiber.

Michael said the earth element has to do with how you support yourself and whether you’re moving forward or not. If you’re feeling blocked in that area you can add things like plants and soft warm earth colors like taupe or pictures of mountains.


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