Dr Oz: Uses For Sugar & Salt + DIY Sugar Wax For Hair Removal


Dr Oz: Keep Bread Fresh With Sugar

Dr Oz announced that his entire episode would follow a “99 ways” theme, starting by showing 99 pounds of salt and sugar lying on the floor of his set. He had 99 new uses for salt and sugar that don’t involve eating, and he couldn’t wait to share them. Brittany started by sharing a video of her new use for sugar. She uses it to keep her bread fresh. She puts slices of bread into a container with some sugar cubes, and seals the container. To prove that it really works, she put a loaf of bread into a container without the sugar cubes. She joined Dr Oz on his show a week later with both containers of bread to share the results, and her trick definitely worked!

Dr Oz: Homemade Wax For Hair Removal

Dr Oz: Uses For Sugar & Salt + DIY Sugar Wax For Hair Removal

Dr Oz discovered new ways to use sugar and salt that don’t involve eating. (uwehermann / flickr)


Dr Oz then talked to esthetician Colleen Sparks, who uses sugar to remove hair. She explained that you simply cook the ingredients found in the mixture below, until they become one. Colleen said it’s great for sensitive skin, but you should always talk to a doctor first to make sure it’s okay. Colleen said sugar waxing doesn’t actually hurt as much as regular waxing, which was a relief to Dr Oz who pulled up his pant leg ready to try the remedy on himself.

Dr Oz: DIY Hair Removal Wax Ingredients

  • 1/4 C water
  • 2 C sugar
  • 1/4 C lemon juice

Colleen pressed the mixture onto Dr Oz’s leg and then took hair removal strips and firmly pressed them onto the mixture. She then pulled back very quickly, showing the strip of his leg that no longer had any hair on it.

Dr Oz: Sugar On Your Tongue For Burn Relief

Alexandra used Facebook to share that whenever she burns her tongue, she puts a little sugar onto her tongue to take the pain away. Dr Oz explained that you should pour about a tablespoon of sugar onto your tongue and then press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.


Dr Oz: Sugar Helps Lipstick Stick

Angela then shared that she likes to use sugar on her lips to make her lipstick stick. She applies lipstick to dry lips before applying sugar over-top. She lets it sit for about ten seconds before licking it off, and says it not only helps her lipstick stay longer, but it tastes great too.

What do you think about these neat new uses for sugar?

Dr Oz: Salt Fixes Coffee

Dr Oz talked to a woman who found out that salt can be used to revive a bitter cup of coffee. She said she feels that her husband makes the “most awful” coffee, so she adds a couple pinches of salt to her coffee to reduce bitterness and acidity. Dr Oz explained that when you put sodium on your tongue, it blocks the bitter molecules from reaching your tongue.

Dr Oz: Salt Prevents Browning Fruit & Chills Wine Faster

You can also use salt to prevent your fruit from browning. One woman uses a teaspoon of salt per cup of water and soaks her fruit in it after it’s been cut for about 5 minutes, to keep it fresh and not brown for a couple days. Dr Oz explained that fruit turns brown because of oxidation and the salt water creates a barrier.

Another woman named Lynn explained that she chills her wine by putting salt into an ice bucket. It chills so much faster!

Dr Oz revealed the rest of his 99 ways to use sugar and salt on his website. What are your favorite ways to use salt or sugar that don’t involve eating?


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