Dr Oz: Total Body Overhaul + Walking Meditation & Microgreens


Dr Oz: 10-Day Total Body Overhaul

Dr Oz started his show by explaining that he had a 10-day Total Body Overhaul that would help you from head to toe. According to the theories of integrative medicine, good health starts in your digestive system. When everything is working as it should, your stomach and intestines absorb vital nutrients and expel unhealthy toxins. But if your gut builds up too many toxins, it’s as if your body is on strike and the waste piles up, causing illness, inflammation, and fatigue. Some doctors believe this is a major reason that many of us gain weight, lose energy, and spend time feeling sluggish and exhausted.

Dr Oz: Total Body Overhaul + Walking Meditation & Microgreens

Dr Oz shared the details of his 10-day total body overhaul plan to get your feeling and looking better. (Igor Petrov / Shutterstock.com)


The good news is that many alternative medicine doctors believe you can reverse that and flush out toxins to replenish essential nutrients. Dr Oz was ready to explain how you can do that in just 10 days. He welcomed Dr Tierona Low Dog, an integrative and alternative medicine expert. She explained that a lot of Americans spend too much time drinking alcohol and eating carbohydrates and processed foods.

She said if you can take just 10 days to eliminate foods that aren’t good for you, it will make the other 355 days better. Dr Jim Nicolai, another integrative and alternative medicine expert, said that hopefully after the 10 days you’ll feel a little lighter around the waist, sleep better, and possibly even have less aches and pains.

Dr Oz: Get Rid Of Toxic Waste + Inverted Pyramid

The first step of the 10-day plan is to toss the toxic waste. Dr Nicolai said if you’re following the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan, you’re already doing this, but you want to get rid of processed foods, non-organic dairy, non-organic meat, and farmed fish.


Dr Low Dog then showed an inverted pyramid, with everything at the top being what they want you to focus more on. The pyramid shows anti-inflammatory proteins and at the top are plant-based proteins like beans and legumes (which actually have more protein than meat), soy, and mushrooms. In the middle of the pyramid is organic Greek yogurt, and then at the bottom is organic poultry and eggs, and low-metal fish.

Dr Oz: Drink Your Fruits & Veggies

Next, Dr Nicolai pointed out that the average recommendation for daily fruit and vegetable consumption is seven to 13 servings, but if you’re an athlete, or stressed out, you need even more than that. He said the best way to get a rainbow of colors is to drink it. He makes a breakfast smoothie using spinach or a kale/chard combination, carrots, mixed frozen berries, chia and flaxseed, almond milk or coconut water, and vegan protein powder.

Dr Oz: What Are Microgreens?

Dr Low Dog then added that you should add microgreens to your breakfast smoothie for an extra shot of vitamins. She explained that when a plant is grown in soil and gets its first true leaves, it’s about three inches tall and you clip it at that point. She said you may think that bigger plants have more nutrition, but that’s actually not the case. Research shows that smaller plants are more concentrated in flavor and nutrition.

Dr Low Dog suggested adding them to your smoothie or topping a salad with them.

Dr Oz: Burdock Root

Dr Low Dog then explained that Burdock Root is widely consumed in Japan and is a major vegetable in their cuisine. She said you can take it and eat it just like any other vegetable, but you should know that it’s very high in dietary fiber and potassium, and contains a compound that helps maintain a healthy blood sugar and fight inflammation. It could even help you maintain your weight or lose weight.

In a recent study, they used dried burdock to make a tea and patients who had osteoarthritis of the knee not only found relief, but it also reduced the markers in their blood of inflammation. Dr Oz said it’s a little woody, and Dr Low Dog said you can find it in specialty stores.

Dr Oz: Dandelion Root Tea Before Dinner

Dr Low Dog then suggested drinking dandelion root tea 30 minutes before dinner. She said she loves dandelion and the root can rev up the enzymes in the liver that allows your body to naturally detoxify itself. It also makes you make more bile, and bile’s job is to get rid of all the waste. If you drink a cup 20-30 minutes before your evening meal, it will help your liver get rid of things you don’t need. You should be warned, however, that it can act like a “light laxative” for some people.

Dr Oz: Meditate While You Walk

Dr Nicolai then shared his 10-minute breathing exercise, explaining that breathing is a natural detoxifier and can “hijack stress in a moment.” He said Meditation is something that we all know we should do, but have a hard time doing. He figured if you can meditate while you walk, it can get done.

He said to time a four-step breathing technique. Breathe four little breaths in and then four breaths out, or breathe in slowly for four seconds, out for four seconds. You match each breath with a step as you walk. You just may want to breathe a little quieter than Dr Nicolai did, or you may get some strange stares!


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