Dr Oz: Tiger Balm Patch Reviews, Bumpy Ball & Anatomy of Back Pain


Dr Oz: Back Pain Causes

Dr Oz shared a special look at the human body on his show. He often uses animations and demonstrations to explain how the body works, but never before had he taken his TV cameras inside the human body, looking at the tissue of a body donated for scientific research. Find out about back pain causes and non-surgical treatment options such as the bumpy ball.

Dr Oz: Anatomy of Back Pain

Dr Oz: Tiger Balm Patch Reviews, Bumpy Ball & Anatomy of Back Pain

Dr Oz shared the anatomy of back pain, as well as non-surgical natural remedies for chronic back pain, such as the bumpy ball and Tiger Balm Patch reviews.


Dr Oz took his cameras to the Columbia University College of Physician and Surgeons, where deceased bodies are used as teaching tools, so that the world of medicine can better understand how to treat illness.

Dr Oz and an audience member named Susie went along to learn about the causes of back pain from a new perspective we have not seen before. He showed her a real human spine.

Once Susie recovered from the surprise of seeing an exposed body part, she took in the incredible sight she was experiencing. Doctor Oz showed her how the spinal column nerves can feel pain when our back muscles bend or twist in the wrong direction.


This pain can sometimes migrate down the legs, but since it is a muscular issue, you can often correct it without the need for medication or surgical intervention.

Dr Oz: Back Pain Ultrasound Therapy

Dr Oz said that ultrasound technology can be used to treat back pain. Though we think of it for pregnancy sonograms, ultrasound can also use heat to heal tissue beneath the skin.

Orthopedic physical therapist Peggy Brill said that ultrasound is often combined with other treatment modalities to relieve chronic back pain.

Dr Oz: Tiger Balm Patch Reviews

Peggy also said that Tiger Balm Patches are often successful in alleviating back pain in small areas. These can give patients immediate relief from their symptoms.

Tiger Balm Patches are sold in drugstores and can be applied at home, at work, or even in bed at night. They provide temporary relief for patients who can’t get in with a physical therapist in a pinch.

Dr Oz: Bumpy Ball Review

Dr Oz sand Peggy Brill also agreed about the use of the bumpy ball to treat back pain. Just like brushing our teeth each day, Peggy said we should take time to care for our backs. You can use a bumpy ball to do back stretches.

A healthy back is supposed to be soft and stable, which can be achieved using the bumpy ball to make the back strong and pliable, preventing future injury.

Dr Oz: Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

Dr Oz has been sharing viewer suggestions and success stories on everything from a salad dressing maker to a cracked heel remedy. This time, he shared viewer success stories.

One woman said she lost half her body weight after getting inspired by Dr Oz’s show. Another couple removed white flour from their diet, reversing the husband’s Type 2 Diabetes.

Lastly, a woman thanked Dr Oz for recommending Tart Cherry Juice as a natural sleep aid, because it has been helping her get rest at night.

Do you have a Dr Oz success story to share?



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