Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Appointment Costs $400 for Fake Psychic Reading?


Dr. Oz: Theresa Caputo Anxiety

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, believes the number one thing people need to get off their chest is anxiety. And she believes talking with loved ones that have passed is the best way to get past the anxiety. Caputo said anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways, from being very anxious all the time to have paralyzing fears of everyday things. Caputo said she was haunted by anxiety for years and finally realized she had a gift. After she came to this realization, that anxiety was gone.

Dr. Oz: How to Fix Anxiety

Theresa Caputo said therapy was great for her, but it did not cure her anxiety. Her anxiety was so terrible that Caputo did not go to college for fear of leaving home, turned down a great job in New York City because she was scared of traveling on the subway and getting in elevators and basically did nothing because of her paralyzing anxiety.


After she realized she was picking up on the deceased trying to communicate with her, she was able to start living a normal life. Well, as normal as life you can when you can communicate with the dead.

Caputo told Dr. Oz she believed many people were getting anxious because of the spirits trying to communicate.

Dr. Oz: Theresa Caputo and Diana Communicate With the Spirits

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Appointment Costs $400 for Fake Psychic Reading?

Dr. Oz invited The Long Island Medium on to the show to help people deal with anxiety, which could be coming from the other side. How much do her sessions cost?


Diana said she has been feeling anxious all the time, with bad panic attacks and a strong fear of dying and not being in control. When she finally went in to get a reading from Caputo she was skeptical it would actually work. So Diana prayed to her Uncle Tony and told him to tell Caputo to say Goodfellas. When Diana went in for the reading, Theresa said, “Goodfellas.” Even since the reading, Diana said she has felt more calm and far less anxious.

Dr. Oz said he does not know if the readings are real or not, but he also acknowledged if something is help a patient get better, he is all for it.

Dr. Oz: Theresa Caputo Appointments

Caputo went into the audience and asked who had lost a sister recently, saying the sibling had died of something causing her to have a hard time breathing. A women from the audience stood up and said she had a sister pass away from her lungs collapsing.

Caputo then asked her about dragonflies, to which the women replied she had a few tattooed on her in memory of her sister. She told Caputo her sister had been taking medication for asthma and her death could have been prevented. Caputo told the woman her sister was telling her to not carry the weight anymore and she was fine.

Dr. Oz wanted to know if communicating with her sister had helped the woman and she told Dr. Oz she felt better. She said her life had been falling apart since her father died nearly 4 years ago. Caputo asked if her birthday was today and the woman said her birthday was tomorrow, but she never celebrated it, especially since the death of her father. Caputo then told the woman her father knew she had kissed him goodbye when he passed away and laid with him in his bed as he was dying.

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Fake Psychic Reading?

What do you think about mediums? Do you think it is real? Or do you think it is just to help people get past difficult problems in their lives? Let me know in the comment section below. Would you spend $400 on a psychic reading from Theresa?



  1. Marsha says

    If you are a serious journalist, you REALLY should do a better job at editing your articles and focus on correct grammar, word usage, and spelling. Frankly, when I read articles like this where there are a number of errors, I tend to dismiss the article and its author as being internet junk. Case in point…”And she believes talking with loved ones that have past is the best way…” People who have died have PASSED away not PAST away. Here’s another…”from being very anxiety all the time to have…” the correct word here is anxious NOT anxiety. Both of these glaring errors are in the very first paragraph! RE-READ and EDIT your articles before you post them for public consumption!

      • Marsha says

        You’re welcome, however, there are MANY, MANY more corrections that need to be made…there’s ANOTHER error in one of the sentences you just corrected…just four words after the “anxious” correction. Think about hiring a proofreader…I’m available.

        Being a former PR Director, these kinds of things stand out to me and make me wonder if public image is of any importance these days. For a variety of reasons, there is NO WAY I would have let this article go live until all the errors were corrected.

        I understand people make mistakes occasionally, but the number of mistakes in this article tells me that your outfit is in desperate need of better editors and proofreaders…if you have them at all.

  2. jennifer says

    @Martha…Who would hire such an obnoxious person such as yourself? Stop trolling the internet and bottom feeding off of others to promote yourself. It’s tacky.

  3. CYNTHIA says


  4. Julianna says

    Yes I would pay 400 I have been trying to get an appointment for over a year I wish I could get in contact with her.

  5. carol says

    I would pay 400 to have a private reading with Theresa Caputo she is worth every cent and seems to be a very sincere kind hearted person who wants to help those who have lost loved ones. Scamming those of us who have lost a loved one? I don’t know how she would know some of the things she comes up with if it wasn’t for some lost loved one telling her these things, I think she is for real and heaven is for real (no punt intended)

  6. Sherry says

    First of all, I want to tell Marsha that she needs more in her life so she won’t have to sit at her computer just to correct people. I would hate for my life to be that boring and needy! I agree with Jennifer 100%. That is VERY tacky and I think she does it to feel better about herself, instead of trying to prove to others that she is intelligent. Now, back to the subject at hand. Yes, I would definitely spend $400 to have a reading with Theresa. I think whatever makes a person feel better about losing loved ones is priceless! I have many things I would love to know about the people I have lost in my life. Some more than others. Theresa has a gift and is gracious to share it with those who need it. Thanks for being you, Theresa! God’s blessings on you.

  7. Raquel Sanchez says

    Yes I would pay $400.00 I also would like closure &validation from my moms I put her through so much at times I feel I contributed to her death. I know she will be here in los angeles in November I would so much like a reading doesnt matter where. 818-799-7945. Please

  8. Kathleen Stockwell says

    I couldn’t afford $400.00 but probably wouldn’t if I had it. If this helps people, that’s great. I watch her show occasionally and always thought her to be sincere with a strong belief in what she does, but i saw a commercial today that leaves me now a bit wary. It’s about an upcoming show with her in a band and her comment, “what did I get myself into!” was, at the least, very bad acting and extremely phony.

  9. Kathy Messier says

    Not sure I would pay $400 as I don’t have that kind of money, however I do believe that Theresa is real. That she has the gift to speak with people that have departed this world.

  10. Genius says

    This lady is operating with a familiar spirit of darkness.Stay away from this deceiver.
    She functions in witcraft that defiles and invites curses and oppression. See Acts 10:38. Call on the mighty name of Jesus and be saved by His precious blood from all your sins. Let Him guide you in all things. See Romans 10: 9-10.

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