Dr Oz: Tahini Headache Relief, Dark Cherry Dosage & Papaya Back Pain


Dr Oz: Food Health Remedies

Dr Oz shared products and ideas to help end pain without medication, such as the TENS Unit. Next, he turned to the kitchen to show some food sources that can help to ease the pain of some common health problems. He talked with a dietitian about papaya for back pain, tahini for magnesium deficiency and a dark cherry dosage to cure joint pain.

Dr Oz: Dark Cherries Joint Pain Remedy

Dr Oz: Tahini Headache Relief, Dark Cherry Dosage & Papaya Back Pain

Dr Oz and dietitian Ashley Koff explained the medicinal food benefits of Tahini for headache relief, dark cherry dosage for joints and papaya for back pain.


Registered dietitian Ashley Koff said that food could be your ticket to pain relief and better health. It can have a powerful effect on the body, which she said most people do not realize.

If you have joint pain, you should try eating dark cherries, because they work in a way similar to aspirin to give you anti-inflammatory benefits that ease the pain. Try eating a Dark Cherry dosage of 20 per day, or get a concentrated form of Dark Cherry Juice and drink a small amount, but be sure to check the label for sugar.

Dark Cherries may also come in a frozen form at your grocery store or warehouse club.


Dr Oz: Tahini Headache Relief & Magnesium Source

Headaches happen to everyone now and then. But even if your habit is to reach for an over the counter pain reliever medication, there could be a natural food option at your disposal. Ashley suggested eating Tahini.

Tahini is a crushed form of sesame seeds, which are high in magnesium. A magnesium deficiency could be the cause of your headaches. Other benefits of eating Tahini include improved brain chemistry and fewer muscle spasms.

Some recent studies have linked severe migraines and chronic headaches to a magnesium deficiency. Look for Tahini near the nut butters in your grocery store, and try eating two tablespoons per day.

Dr Oz: Papaya Back Pain Relief

Doctor Oz and dietitian Ashley Koff talked about one more common type of pain: back pain. Though research continues, recent studies have found that many back pain supplements include Papain. This is a Papaya Extract, which is highly effective in providing relief from back pain.

That’s because it is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They reduce inflammation and stress within your body. Eat one cup of Papaya, fresh or frozen, every day to get the benefits of Papain from the fruit.

Dr Oz: Medicinal Foods

Ashley’s last word of advice was to think of your food as medicine. She said that the quality food you invest in will determine how much you’ll need to spend on medication and treatment to feel healthy. Eating good, healthy foods in your diet will result in better health, more strength, and less pain, she said.


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