Dr Oz: Synthetic Vs Natural HGH Energy & Amino Acid Supplements


Doctor Oz: Human Growth Hormone

Dr Oz explored ways to improve your energy naturally on his show. The suggestions included the Dr Oz 5-Day Plan with natural energy boosting supplements. He also explored how the Human Growth Hormone occurs in the body, and the role it plays in keeping us fueled, young and vibrant. Learn the difference between synthetic vs natural HGH and how to get your body to make more on its own.

Dr Oz: HGH Pituitary Gland

Doctor Oz explained that Human Growth Hormone occurs in the body’s pituitary gland, which is found at the base of the human brain. HGH is an essential element in growth and maturity to adulthood.


Dr Oz: Synthetic Vs Natural HGH Energy & Amino Acid Supplements

Dr Oz talked about synthetic vs natural HGH human growth hormone, which comes from the brain’s pituitary gland.

It also plays a part in building strong muscles, healthy organs, and energy stores. HGH could be a reason for the youthful energy we all feel, but scientists know that its natural production slows in adulthood.

Dr Oz: Synthetic Vs Natural HGH

A synthetic version of human growth hormone does exist, but new research suggests you can spur production of it naturally in the body through the use of amino acids. This can improve your metabolism and endurance, which could give you back the energy you had 10 years ago. Who wouldn’t want to take that offer?


Doctor Oz: Human Growth Hormone Natural Sources

There are three ways we can stimulate natural production of HGH in the human body.

Dr Oz HGH Resistance Workouts

Leslie Bonci from the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine said that resistance workouts don’t have to be long. But just a few minutes a day working with resistance bands or lifting weights can boost your natural levels.

Doctor Oz HGH from Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep has many benefits, and Dr Oz’s Sleep Tips can help you get better rest at night. Leslie said that the body produces the most HGH in the first hour of deep sleep. She suggested avoiding exercise and food two hours before bedtime, and skipping caffeine by late afternoon.

Dr Oz: Amino Acid HGH Supplements

Amino Acids typically come from protein, such as meat, fish, and eggs. They also can be found in nuts, beans and soy. They are a critical component for body function, and you can get an Amino Acid supplement if you need to boost your body’s levels.


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