Dr Oz: Strawberry Serving Size for Lower LDL Cholesterol Vs Statins


Dr Oz: Strawberries Natural Medicine

Dr Oz said that science has now proven how effective the Strawberry can be when it comes to your Cholesterol. Nutritionist Janet Brill said she has been seeing results in her clients over the past decade, and she helped to spread the word.

Strawberries are a natural medicine, because they combine Fiber with Vitamin C and Antioxidants.


Dr Oz: Strawberries Lower LDL Cholesterol

Dr Oz: Strawberry Serving Size for Lower LDL Cholesterol Vs Statins

Strawberries are nature’s sweet answer to your Cholesterol woes, and Dr Oz shared a study that found they can help you to lower LDL Cholesterol counts.

Nicole is a patient whose Cholesterol levels have been rising over the past few years. Dr Oz taught her that LDL Cholesterol is ideally under 100. But her reading from three months ago is at 170.

Dr Oz said you should not panic if you have high cholesterol, but a physician may attempt to prescribe a medication. Nicole said that she is trying to manage it naturally before taking that step.


Dr Oz: Strawberries Vs Statins

Food first is the way to go, according to Dr Oz’s guest, Janet Brill, who agreed that Nicole is too young to start a lifetime maintenance drug such as a Statin.

Dr Oz said that medications should not be your first solution, especially now that we know how powerful strawberries can be.

Cholesterol in favorite foods, like bagels or cake, can be absorbed into the body. But foods like Strawberries help to bind to cholesterol as it goes through the body, preventing it from settling in.

Dr Oz: Strawberry Serving Size for Cholesterol

How should you be eating Strawberries to manage your Cholesterol? One cup of Strawberries is more effective than 1 1/2 cups of Oatmeal, 3 tablespoons of Flaxseed, or four cups of Soy Milk.

In the study, subjects ate three cups per day of Strawberries over one month. They had 1 1/2 cups at breakfast and 1 1/2 cups as an afternoon snack. This is just 200 calories, and it’s naturally sweet!

Frozen strawberries are fine when fresh strawberries are not in season, but don’t cook them if you want these Cholesterol benefits.


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