Dr Oz: Spice Blend Recipe, Indigestion Tips & Memory Boosting Tricks


Dr Oz: All Natural Memory Boosting Tip

Dr. Oz is always asking his audience for advice and most of the time they have really good, helpful advice on nearly every topic. Today, Dr. Oz is sharing the best audience advice he has received from fans via Twitter and Facebook.

Memory booster: Whenever you need to remember something, visualize grabbing the word from the air and holding it in your palm. Dr. Oz said there is scientific evidence proving this method of memorization works. He further explained when you squeeze your right hand for 90 seconds, it sends a message to the left side of your brain to store the memory. When you want to remember the memory, just squeeze your left hand to remember it.


Dr Oz: Spice Blend Recipe, Indigestion Tips & Memory Boosting Tricks

Dr. Oz turned to his audience to help him give some advice with memory boosting tips, spice blend recipes and ways to curb indigestion.

Keep a medical record: Dr, Oz thought this was such a great idea he came up with a printable version to keep all your medical information in one place. He said these records can be very important because if you get injured and someone needs to help you but you can not talk, they will know how to handle the situation pertaining to your health.

Create spice blends: Do you have a huge spice rack with tons of spices you do not use often? One viewer did and she decided to combine a bunch of them to make spice rubs as a way to add flavor and health benefits to any meal.


Check out her recipe for a spice blend below.

Karen’s Sweet Spice Blend Recipe

Karen’s Sweet Spice Blend Ingredients:

  • 4 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon clove
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Karen’s Sweet Spice Blend Directions:

  • Combine and store in a glass jar.

Dr Oz’s Mother’s Health Advice – Inhale Steam For Nasal Congestion

According to Dr. Oz some of the best health advice you can find does not come from a doctor. Most of the time it is coming from our mothers. Dr. Oz shared some of his favorite mom health tips sent in by viewers.

  • Chamomile tea with peppermint eases indigestion and calms an upset stomach.
  • Acupressure massages relieve stress. Simply place three middle fingers at the top of your nose and hold it there for a minute or two.
  • Dr. Oz’s own mother joined the show via Skype, all the way from Turkey, to explain how breathing in warm steam can relieve nasal congestion. Boil some water and sit with a towel over your head while you lean over the steam to get the most benefits.

Dr Oz Remedies: the Worst Health Advice Ever Given

Dr. Oz conducted a nationwide poll and found 39 percent of the people who responded say the worst health advice they have ever received has come from their families. What’s worse, 55 percent of the people said they tried the advice.

Check out Dr. Oz’s revised advice for some of the worst health advice ever given.

  • Better alternative to chocolate covered garlic – Dr. Oz suggested eating two Brazil nuts per day along with one ounce of dark chocolate to boost your mood.
  • One women told her husband to tape a golf ball to the back of his pajamas to stop his snoring but Dr. Oz suggested a more comfortable body pillow to sleep comfortably on your side while you prop up your body. He said it is impossible to snore if you sleep on your side.

Dr Oz: Doctors Say Crazy Things

Sometimes, even doctors will say some pretty absurd things. Check out some of Dr. Oz’s favorites below.

  • “Oh please, I have socks that are older than you.” – Said by an OBGYN to a patient concerned about her age and trying to get pregnant.
  • “There are no refunds or exchanges.” – Said by a woman’s doctor after her baby was born and she was complaining of being tired of breast feeding.
  • A woman went to her doctor asking for a prescription because her fingers and toes were turning blue from being so cold. His prescription was “Move to Florida.”


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