Dr Oz: Slippery Elm Tea, Carminative Seeds & Pineapple Fix Bloating


Dr Oz: Belly Fat & Bloating

If you’re trying to feel less bloated and get a flatter belly, welcome to the club. Dr Oz believes there are natural solutions for these issues though, and he spent some time explaining what bloating is, how it happens, and what we can do to avoid, prevent, or relieve it.

Whether you’ve tried all the diets or you’re just starting to think about seriously taking charge of your belly fat, you could learn something from this. From the audience, Wendy was ready to learn, and she was tired of always feeling bloated. She said she’s tried it all: laxatives, working out, colonics, and sit-ups, but she has yet to find a permanent solution.


Dr Oz: Carminative Seeds

You can fight gas and bloating through natural remedies that are as simple as eating fresh Pineapple or Carminative Seeds.

Doctor Oz: What Is Bloating

According to Dr Oz, the biggest causes of our Bloating are Constipation and Excess Gas. Some of the foods and additives in our diets, such as artificial sweeteners, are packing on pounds because we can’t digest them.

Carbonated beverages and sodas create extra gas in our digestive system that spreads through the body. Meanwhile, the saturated fats in fried food can slow down the digestive processes and create constipation, making you feel or seem even bigger than you are, which doesn’t help the self esteem.


Dr Oz Bloating Fix: Slippery Elm Tea

Never one to bring up problems without their attendant solutions, Dr Oz had three natural remedies to fix the symptoms of bloating and constipation.

First on his list was Slippery Elm Tea, which can stimulate the digestive juices in your gut to help keep you regular. He suggested drinking a cup every morning, and slowly increasing up to three morning cups. Wendy called the tea “doable,” which is far from a ringing endorsement.

Pineapple Fights Bloating

It doesn’t get much more natural than fresh Pineapple, and maybe that’s why this is such an effective Bloating remedy. You should try to eat ½ cup daily. The fruit at the center of the Pineapple, near the core, is highest in Bromelain, which can also help your body break down belly fat.

Dr Oz: Carminative Seeds

Carminative Seeds are a type of seed that fights the body’s gasses. Look for a spice called Anise on your next grocery trip. Other spices to try include Cardamom, which can prevent spasms, and Celery Seed, which can be an effective substitute for salt, another bloating culprit.

Cardamom works by cutting down on excess fluid in the body that can lead to bloating. Maybe one of these natural tricks will help you get bloating and gas relief.


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