Dr Oz: Siberian Ginseng, Butterbur & Probiotic Puree Energy Boosts


Doctor Oz: Energy Supercharge

Learn how to give yourself a big energy boost with Dr Oz’s quick tips and solutions for every energy type. Find out your Energy Body Type.

Dr Oz: Probiotic Puree

Dr Oz: Energy Boosters

Find out how you can supercharge your energy overnight or while you're sleeping with Dr Oz's tips.


It’s easy to puree your favorite fruit or vegetable into a cup of applesauce, guacamole, or another base snack. Or throw a tablespoon of your puree into a smoothie.

Dr Oz: Siberian Ginseng Coffee Filter

For another morning booster, add 30 drops of Siberian Ginseng Extract to half a cup of water. Soak a coffee filter in this mixture overnight. Then use it to make your morning coffee.

Dr Oz: Soak Nuts & Remove Phytates

Snacking on your favorite nuts could be costing you some of their nutrients and energy benefits. Dr Oz recommended soaking peanuts or walnuts overnight in purified water. This will wash off any Phytates on the nuts, which means you’ll absorb more of the nutrients and minerals found in the nuts.


Dr Oz: Frankincense Pillow Puff

You can even boost your energy while you’re sleeping (and not just by getting enough rest). He said you can put 30 drops of Frankincense Extract on cotton balls. Then stick them under your pillow at night, and you should wake up more refreshed and recharged to face the day.

Dr Oz: Butterbur Allergy Remedy

Dr Oz also shared some quick beauty secrets for younger looking, healthy skin. During allergy season, he said that Butterbur can relieve your runny nose or itchy eyes. Try taking 50 mg twice a day when your allergies are acting up.

Dr Oz: Tomato Sugar Exfoliator

Tomatoes taste great, but they can have health benefits even if they don’t make it inside your body. You can create a scrub by slicing a tomato in half, then dipping the sliced end in sugar.

Rub the tomato on your face in a circular pattern, and the sugar acts as an exfoliant. Leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing.

Dr Oz: Tahini Peanut Butter Substitute

Dr Oz also suggested switching up your sandwiches and using Tahini, a paste of ground Sesame Seeds that is high in calcium and B vitamins. Eat it on whole grain bread with some honey and you’ll get another great tasting energy boost.


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