Dr Oz: Should You Try Apple Cider Vinegar, Bee Pollen & Yoga?


Dr Oz: Popular Health Crazes

Dr Oz shared a meme he found online that said “friends don’t let friends do stupid things alone.” He then explained that every month in his magazine The Good Lifethey feature a recurring column called “Try or Skip It.” He wanted to do a segment on his show inspired by that column to look at all the latest health crazes your friends are trying, to find out which you should skip, and which to try.

Dr Oz: Apple Cider Vinegar To Regulate Blood Sugar

Dr Oz: Should You Try Apple Cider Vinegar, Bee Pollen, & Yoga?

Dr Oz talked about several popular health crazes, including bee pollen, to explain whether you should give them a try. (_pavan_ / flickr)


First, Dr Oz wanted to take a closer look at drinking apple cider vinegar, and whether it’s truly beneficial to regulate your blood sugar. He welcomed friends Linda and Melissa, explaining that Linda drinks apple cider vinegar, while Melinda isn’t too sure if she should try it.

Linda said she swears by it, and while her college-aged stepdaughter drinks it straight, she needs something to cut the taste. Melinda said she’s a little skeptical, partly because on a previous trip, Linda’s apple cider vinegar was dropped and spilled all over the floor of the hotel lobby, which she thought stunk.

Dr Oz said it turns out that he actually wanted Melinda to try it, saying it’s worth putting some effort into. Linda then took two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water, and then adds in some fresh lemon juice for flavor. Linda called it her “apple cider-tini.” Dr Oz said he liked it not only because it could help with blood sugar issues, but hunger issues as well. Dr Oz made a point to say that you shouldn’t drink it straight because it could damage your tooth enamel.


Dr Oz: Should You Try Facial Workouts?

Dr Oz then wanted to look at facial workouts, having been sent a video buy five friends who wanted to know if they could really fight the signs of aging. One woman in the audience said she thought it would give you more wrinkles, and Dr Oz agreed. He said you should skip this one because making all those faces can deepen your expression lines.

Dr Oz: Bee Pollen To Boost Immunity

Next, Dr Oz talked to Kim and Kerry about their favorite immunity booster. Kim swears by bee pollen. She explained that she puts it in her breakfast smoothies and Kim said she gets a lot of energy from it. Kerry said it kept her from getting sick and it’s easy to buy from a grocery store in powdered form. She liked to mix the bee pollen with pineapple and Greek yogurt for a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Dr Oz said he would try it because it has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. He said it could be great as an immunity booster, but obviously avoid it if you’re allergic to bees or pollen.

Dr Oz: Does Yoga Improve Intimacy?

Lastly, in the most recent issue of his magazine, they looked at whether yoga could be beneficial for intimacy. Dr Oz heard from a couple who said yoga has allowed them to get much closer. Nicole said her husband didn’t want to do it at first, but when she offered to get a babysitter for their four kids, he was all about it.

They showed how to do the chair pose, in which you bend at the knees with your feet either together or apart depending on your comfort level. Then take a deep breath in and hold your arms straight up. Try to keep your tailbone aligned with your heels. The more advanced you get the further down you can squat.

They said that connection-wise, and also in terms of positioning, yoga can certainly help with intimacy and Dr Oz agreed. Dr Oz also reported that 72% of women reported improving their intimate lives after doing yoga for an hour a day for 12 weeks. Dr Oz said to go ahead and give it a shot!

Are you more motivated to try yoga now? What about apple cider vinegar or bee pollen?


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