Dr Oz: Sciatic Nerve Pain, Straight Leg Test + Non-Surgical Remedies


Dr Oz: How To Relieve Sciatica

Sciatica can be a huge pain in the butt, back, legs, and the rest of the body. Dr Oz said that you can deal with Sciatic Nerve Pain, with some help from his Assistant of the Day.

Dr Oz: Shooting Sciatica Pain

Assistant Megan’s mother, Christine, suffers from Sciatica. Megan knew that standing can be difficult due to lower back pain, and nothing seems to bring relief.


Dr Oz: Sciatic Nerve Pain, Straight Leg Test + Non-Surgical Remedies

Dr Oz demonstrated the Straight Leg Test for Sciatic Nerve Pain, explaining how it travels through the body and sharing non-surgical treatment options. (Sebastian Kaulitzki / Shutterstock.com)

Doctor Oz used a diagram to show that people think the pain starts in the hips, and can travel down to the toes. Part of the issue can be the spine, which is supposed to have a slight curve. However, too much sitting or slouching can chip away at the natural curves.

Dr Oz: Sciatica Straight Leg Test

Megan is a 2nd grade teacher, so she is doing a lot of standing. Hunching over or wrenching your spine can result in Sciatica pain. Megan’s mom, Christine, laid on a mat on the floor, as Dr Oz and Christine took turns lifting up each of her legs to check for shooting pains. This is a Straight Leg Test.


Dr Oz: Spinal Disc Rupture

Dr Oz had a larger-than-life spine model that he used to show how the strain of daily activities and exertion can sometimes cause discs to wiggle out of place and put pressure on the spine.

Sometimes, discs can rupture, releasing liquid that can inflame the nerve. Though your first instinct might be to have surgery, Dr Oz’s advice was to wait it out and let the swelling to go down first.

Dr Oz: Sciatica Non-Surgical Pain Remedies

In the meantime, how can you manage the discomfort? Heat Pads may be useful for Chronic Pain, but for Acute Pain, Dr Oz recommended Cold Pads as a short-term treatment, applied three times per day for soothing relief.

Take up to 1,200 mg Ibuprofen per day, and consider the benefits of Physical Therapy, which can help to build up your muscles.

Surgery should be a last resort, according to Dr Oz, when symptoms escalate.


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