Dr Oz: Royal Jelly Supplements & Grape Seed Extract for Anti-Aging


Dr Oz Anti-Aging Product Reviews

Dr Oz shared secrets to turn back the clock on Alzheimer’s Disease and The Brain Diet Memory Superfoods. Then he turned his attention to making your outward appearance reflect the youth, health, and beauty you’ve got going on the inside. Guest Dr Brenda Powell shared some beauty alternatives you might not have tried, including Grape Seed Extract, Broccoli Sprouts, Dry Brushing, and Royal Jelly Supplements. Which one is best for your beauty routine?

Dr Brenda Powell said she is passionate about natural remedies, so I guess she has that in common with Dr Oz. She shares holistic solutions as treatment options for her own patients, and Dr Oz appreciated her fusion of traditional and alternative medicines. Things work differently for everyone, so it’s great that there are a variety of options.


Royal Jelly Supplements: Dr Oz Beauty

Dr Oz said bees could hold the key to anti-aging. Learn about their Royal Jelly Supplements.

Royal Jelly Supplements Review

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you are probably getting more than the recommended amount of UV radiation from the sun, which can have an aging effect on your skin. Royal Jelly Supplements come from bees, and they can help repair skin damage caused by the sun.

In beehives, the Queen Bee takes this herself, and hoards it to share with a few of her closest bee friends. Think about it: have you ever seen an elderly bee?


Take ¼ teaspoon of Royal Jelly Supplement each day, placing it under your tongue for best results. Or help yourself to 500 mg of the supplement form. Royal Jelly Supplements have the added bonus of Amino Acids, which are good for your heart.

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Broccoli Sprouts

It doesn’t get much more natural than classic Broccoli Sprouts. Just two tablespoons a day in your salad or sandwich can give you natural anti-aging benefits.

Dr Oz: Grape Seed Extract Review

Grape Seed Extract is a great health product with many uses. It can help you have a flatter stomach, lower your chance of Stroke or Heart Attack, and bring down Blood Pressure, which is a major factor in premature aging. Is there anything it can’t do?

Try taking 150 to 300 mg daily for all over health benefits.

Dr Oz: Dry Brushing Technique

Dry Brushing is a simple way to boost blood flow around your Lymph Nodes and throughout the body. It’s detoxifying and rejuvenating, gently getting rid of dead skin cells and pumping blood through the body. Skip your face and any rashes, but brush your arms in a clockwise motion to stimulate circulation.


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