Dr Oz: Retinol Improves Skin Pigmentation & Astragalus Root for Sleep


Dr Oz: Holistic Cures For Sun-Damaged Skin

Everyone has bad habits and sometimes those bad habits can damage your health, so Dr. Oz is sharing some of his favorite holistic cures to reverse the damage you have done to your body. He has already went over ways to curb sweet tooth cravings, lower your cholesterol and repair a damaged liver without any type of medication.

Dr Oz: Retinol Improves Skin Pigmentation & Astragalus Root for Sleep

Dr. Oz looked at two more holistic cures. He revealed how astragalus root can help your get a good night’s sleep and how retinol repairs sun-damaged skin.


Keep reading to find out how to improve your sun-damaged skin and strengthen your immune system.

Astragalus Root Improves Sleeping Habits & Immune System

Not getting a good night’s sleep is something everyone can relate to. Dr. Oz said women write in to him all the time begging for help getting a good night’s sleep because everything they seem to try does not work. Well, Dr. Oz had a solution for them today.

Natasha Turner said not getting enough sleep is bad for your health because it increases your risk for getting sick and weakens your immune system in the process. Around seven hours of sleep is the ideal amount to aim for every night because any less than that and you will gradually increase your stress. Studies have even shown people who get five hours of sleep or less a night are increasing their risk of dying by 15 percent.


Thank goodness there is a way to turn around all those statistics and get a good night’s sleep.

Astragalus Root: Dr. Oz said this root will improve your immune system and help you sleep better at night. Simply take 400 mg a day, about 60 minutes before heading to bed.

Retinol Cream Improves Skin Pigmentation

Who doesn’t like getting out into the sun for a nice tan? Dr. Oz said as a young child growing up in Turkey, he would often get a good sunburn because it would lead to a nice, dark tan. While he regrets his actions earlier in life, he still loves getting out into the sun.

So how are you supposed to gauge when you’ve had too much sun? Dr. Cybele Fishman shared a device with Dr. Oz that can actually determine how much damage a person has done to their skin due to sun exposure. She demonstrated how the device worked on Dr. Oz and then revealed the best holistic cure for sun damage.

Retinol: Dr. Fishman said retinol is the best product for reducing sun damage to the skin. Make sure to only use the cream at night and only three times a week at first, so your skin can get used to it. She said this will improve the skin’s pigment while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


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